Ayanna Linton for Portal

The Witcher estreou mundialmente na Netflix dia 20 de dezembro de 2019. A primeira temporada da saga de Geral de Rivia (Henry Cavill), Yennefer de Vengerberg (Anya Chalotra) e Ciri (Freya Allan) completa no #Netflix.

Time of renovations, changes, transformations. In this period we open channels to talk with all professionals behind actions scenes on The Witcher.

Our guest Ayanna Linton, @ninjakid87, British stunt work on The Witcher responds a few questions from PHC. Ayanna did stunt for actress Adele Oni, Téia, Zerrikanian warrior from book’s tale The Bounds of Reason and #Netflix episode Rare Species. “I am the stunt double for the actress. I was chosen based on the actress.
My hardest work on it was doing the fall on to the dragon! I train 6 days a week so I was ready for physical side of the warrior.
Working with Henry was a pleasure! He is very focus and lovely.
To all The Witcher fans. Thank you for tuning in and watch the series!”

PHC would like to thank Ayanna Linton.

The Witcher premiere on streaming world wide on December 20th 2019. First season complete on #Netflix