CCXP in Brazil honors Superman’s 80 years


Week of Comic Con Experience (CCXP) in Brazil, and the Portal Henry Cavill tells you – who likes the universe of superheroes, games and collectibles – what to expect from the event.
In its fifth edition, CCXP is already considered the largest Comic Con in the world. In the year 2017, more than 227 thousand people were traveling around the São Paulo Expo during the 5-day event (Spoiler Night + four days of regular programming), and this year the expectation is that the public will be even bigger.

The great highlight of this year is the celebration of 80 years of Superman, played in theaters by the actor Henry Cavill, with a special space for conducting official activities of DC Comics, presence of comic artists, illustrators, and panels with national and international artists.
The event starts on 5 (Spoiler Night), and goes until Sunday, December 9, at the São Paulo Expo. Among the attractions confirmed by the panels and at Artist’s Alley are renowned directors, producers and comedians (Chris Columbus, John Romita Jr, Ivan Reis, Tom Grummett, John Cassaday, among others) as well as actors and actresses like Tom Welling (who Superman in the Smallville series), Sandra Bullock, Sebastian Stan (Soldado Invernal), Brie  Larson (Capitã Marvel), Michael B. Jordan (Killmonger), Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark/Jean Grey), Zachary Levi (Shazam), and many others.


We will have on the first day a panel with comedians John Romita Jr, Ivan Reis and Tom Grummett talking about Superman over the decades and how he influenced the lives of artists.

Another highlight for Superman at the event is the official poster (LINDO  ❤️ ), created by artist Adriana Melo, and released on CCXP networks.

In the category “most wanted panels” shows up:

– Aquaman, (WarnerBros), with an official premiere and the promise of a surprise, not revealed, after the credits of the film.
– DC Universe, with news about the film Shazam and the presence of actor Zach Levi.
– WarnerBros, with all upcoming studio releases and the promise of exclusive content.
– Netflix Original: Stranger Things, with the presence of part of the cast of the series.
– Marvel Studios (Marvel Comics) and Marvel Comics and the legacy of Stan Lee.
– Game of Thrones: The Winter has come, with the presence of cast members in the series.
– Disney Animation, new studio productions and Mickey’s 90th birthday celebrations.
– MSP Universe (Maurício de Sousa Produções), launch of the new Graphics MSP, crossover MSP and DC Comics, animated series and the live-action of Turma da Mônica.

The exhibitors of the event are divided into movie and TV studios, comic book publishers, producers, game arenas, clothing, accessories and collectibles.
This year, outside the Superman booth, another long awaited space is the Harry Potter franchise store, which comes as a replica of Hagrid’s Hut.

The traditional Cosplay contest of CCXP, continues concurred and promises great characterizations for this edition.
The Henry Cavill BR Portal will cover the main news and participate in two days of the event, showing everything for you.

To learn more about CCXP programming, go to and follow the Henry Cavill BR Portal for more information.


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