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We are launching PHC Elections to know which character you would like to watch Henry Cavill playing. We have heavy candidates and all of them were already quoted by Cavill on interviews.

Follow PHC to know more about each one of them and vote your favorite. How to vote: in our website until december 13th.

Results in our social medias and website on December 15th.
Stay tuned and vote!

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Which character do you want to see Henry Cavill playing?

  • Ramsés II (14%, 9 Votos)
  • James Bond (82%, 53 Votos)
  • Alexandre III Magno (5%, 3 Votos)

Total de Participantes:: 65

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Learn more about the Candidates

Party of the Undefeated Cavill – PUC

Candidate: Henry Cavill for Alexander III Magno
Voting number: 003
Campaign Slogan: Conquering the World, One Territory at a Time!
Nicknames: Alexander, The Grat and Alexander Invictus
Birth: July 20 (approximately), 356 BC, in the city of Pella – Capital of the Kingdom of Macedonia.
Affiliation: King Fillipe II and Olympia
Professional Experiences: He became King of Macedonia at the age of 20, succeeding his father to the throne.
-Military commander with unprecedented curriculum in battles.
-He created one of the greatest empires of the ancient world that stretched from Greece to Egypt and north-west India.
-He founded several cities that became major cultural centers, like: Alexandria, Egypt.
-To this day, military academies around the world teach their tactics, because he has never lost a battle.
-He increased the trade between the West and the East.

– He had a great desire for knowledge.
– Love for reading and Philosophy.
– He played Lira.
– Trained in fights and hunting
– Intelligent, Rational, Adaptive, Charismatic, strong and known for his Self-control.

He had Aristotle as his teacher until the age of 16.

– He used to carry in his military campaigns, a copy of Ilíada – of Homero – that he gained from Aristotle.
– His horse Bucefalo (“Ox’s head”), who accompanied him in his main battles, was given as a gift by his father when Alexander was 10 years old.
– He died in June of 323 BC in Susa.

Source: Só História, Super Interessante.

Agent Cavill Party – PAC

Candidate: Henry Cavill for James Bond
Campaign Slogan: A New Day to rule
Nicknames: Secret Agent,007,spy
Born: 1953, London
Affiliation: Ian Fleming

Professional Experiences: Specialist in weapons, electronic equipment and martial arts.
-He avoided wars and terrorist attacks of global destruction
-He did some escapes tha many considered impossible.
-He Knows how to pilot / direct practically all means of transport (airplane, helicopter, boat, car, motorcycle, etc.)
-Negotiation skills

– Smart and adaptable
– Strategist
-Diplomatic and sure of himself, he speaks several languages.

The name James Bond was inspired by the author of an ornithology book called:”Birds of the West Indies”. The Yugoslav spy Dusko Popov, was the inspiration for Ian Fleming to create the character.

– Recognized for its good taste and elegance.
– Considered extremely seductive.
– A man “of the world”. Already stamped your passport in several countries, such as: Germany, United States, South Korea, North Korea, India, Mexico, Russia, Austria, Italy, Morocco, Japan, Cuba and Iceland, for example.
– “His favorite drink is the beaten, unstirred dry martini.”

Sources: huffpostbrasil, Yahoo, Gazeta do Povo

Pharaoh Cavill’s Party- PCP

Candidate: Henry Cavill for Ramsés II
Voting number: 002
Campaign Slogan: Competent as a Sphinx.
Nicknames: Born of Rá, Beloved of Ammon, Ramsés the Great.
Birth: 1303 b.C
Affiliation: King Seti I and Tuya
Professional Experiences: At age 10 he was given the title of “Firstborn Son of the King” who was to be the heir to the throne. He was named chief commander of his father’s exercise and took power at age 25.
– It marked the economic and cultural apogee of Egypt.
– He built a network of fortifications near Egyptian borders.
– It formed an “industry” of war, producing war chariots, weapons, armor and even ships.
– He professionalized the army and increased the pay of the military.
– It left the greatest legacy of monuments, such as that of Abu Sim El, with four statues of Ramses about twenty meters in its entrance.

– Great Builder and Military
– Strong personality
– Master in the “publicity” of his achievements
– His Mummy was documented with a “Dead King” passport to travel to Paris.

Son and grandson of generals, he was raised to win battles.

– Ruled for almost 67 years
– He had eight queens – of which the favorite was Nefertari (the Beauty) – and several concubines in his harem.
– He had at least 90 children.
– He died in 1213 BC with more than 90 years.

Source: Aventuras na História, EBiografia, Viajante no Tempo

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