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The Henry Cavill Charity Update is an informative that brings some of the top weekly social causes news that British actor Henry Cavill is ambassador, the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity. These causes he supports and disseminates through his social networks, also participating in events to raise funds for them.

Durrell week in the networks began by reporting that four baby Sumatran orangutans were reintroduced to wildlife again at the Jantho Pine Forest Nature Reserve, Aceh Province.

After being rescued from the illegal pet trade a couple of years ago, the animals will have a new opportunity to live with others of their species. This is another fantastic job from one of Durrell partners, the SOCP – Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program. Read the full article on Durrell website and enjoy to make your donation.

Still on the Sumatran orangutans, the BBC of Jersey will be presenting the Tropical Forest Refugees– Refugees of the Lost Rainforest. This is another wonderful documentary that explores the legacy of Durrell founder, Gerald Durrell, also highlighting the spectacular work of a small group of people with animals in Jersey Zoo and Sumatra.

The program will show unveiled images of the miraculous birth; of a Sumatran orangutan, highlighting the work being done to protect these animals.

Accessing the BBC Web site you will be informed about this and various other articles related to this subject.

And Durrell also took advantage of the week to announce a suggestion to give himself this Christmas. If you are looking for the perfect gift, why dont adopt one of the 15 animals in the park?

In addition to doing an incredible good helping to keep one of these animals, you will be getting some very interesting gifts. So don’t miss this opportunity and go on Durrell website and place your order, making sure they arrive on time for Christmas.

Another important announcement was the release of Durrell 2019 calendar. Composed of 12 beautiful images of various animals around the zoo, this is another opportunity for you to donate.

The calendar is now available on the Jersey Zoo Store website. Buy it now, so he will be helping to maintain the park and the various projects subsidized by Durrell.

The Royal Marines Charity family began the week inviting everyone to make their donations this Christmas in a very simple and special way, sharing Christmas cards.

It’s very easy, just go to the Just Giving Website, choose the design, the preferred cause and confirm the donation, in minutes you may be sharing with your family and / or friends your e-card. That way you’ll be helping the RMC to maintain support for the Marines, their families, veterans and cadets, ensuring that no one is left behind.

Then, on December 11, was the International Mountain Day  and the RMC recalled from fundraiser Lisa Ronson, who in July of that year climbed the highest mountain in Europe, raising more than $ 123,000 for the causes of the Royal Marines, as well as for the Maggies Centres.

To learn more about Lisa’s involvement in social causes, as well as this epic quest for overcoming, visit the Royal Marines Charity website.

And the Royal Marines Charity 2018 Impact Report is now available, as shared on their social networks. It shows how the more than $ 400 thousand collected in 2017 was distributed among the various partner organizations.

To learn more about the impact that the Royal Marines charity has been able to accomplish in the lives of Marines, veterans and their families – through various donations and fundraising events – Visit the Royal Marines Charity Website and read the full report.

Another announcement announced by the Royal Marines was support for the Prudential RideLondon, which will take place on 04 August 2019.

The 46- or 100-mile cycling event, attended by more than 25,000 cyclists, will be held on the closed London and Surrey roads. Participate raising funds for the Royal Marines and their families, visit the RMC website and know how.

This week’s Charity Updates is staying here. We will be back next week with more information and news about the social causes of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity, and we’ll be waiting for you.

Please join to Ambassador Henry Cavill to be a contributor and supporter of these causes. Get Involved! The way you will help is not the most important, but your action matters. Whether through donations or publicizing the work of these institutions, the Durrell Wildlife Conservation and Trust and the Royal Marines Charity count on you to continue working for those who need help and recovery.

The Royal Marine Charity

Site:  theroyalmarinescharity.org.uk/  
Instagram: @thermcharity @rmcommandochallenge @theroyalmarinesshop @reorgfunctionalfitness @royalmarines1664 @devonairambulance
Twitter: @theRMcharity @RMCdoChallenge @DevonAirAmb @RMShop1664 @RoyalmarinesBJJ @RoyalMarines @CdoSpirit @RMA1664

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Site: www.durrell.org ; cavillconservation.com
Instagram: @durrell_jerseyzoo @thedurrellchallenge
Twitter: @DurrellWildlife @TheDurrellChall


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