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The PHC begins the year by bringing you more Charity Updates with the most important informations of the week about the social causes who have Henry Cavill as Ambassador, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust e Royal Marines Charity..

During the year, various events and campaigns are promoted to raise funds for these institutions, and Henry makes a point of promoting on his social media and, when possible, participating in raising awareness of the importance of these institutions.

The first day of 2019 at Durrell was marked by the release of yet another great project, the Go Wild Gorillas: “Life-size gorilla sculptures, colored and imagined by artists, will be placed all over the island and will lead people to a trail of discoveries, not just to see the gorillas themselves, but also the nature in which they are embedded.”

In partnership with Wind Art, this is another high quality, significant and innovative event that will make a difference in the lives of hundreds of people of all ages, because they will have the opportunity to learn, in a creative way, about the importance of conservation. To know more visit Durrell’s Website and stay tuned about the details of the project that covers the entire community as well as Schools and Colleges.

Another important announcement, still made in the last days of December 2018, was about the Pochard of Madagascar, which had been extinct for 15 years.

In 2006 a small group of them were discovered, since conservationists have been working together for their breeding and reintroduction into their natural habitat: “The ducks were released from the aviaries in December and very quickly adapted to the lake, diving and flying, associating with other wild ducks and returning to the safety of floating flocks to feed and land.”

This is another step of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in conjunction with WWT and other partner organizations on the road to restoring the wetlands of Madagascar. Learn all about the history of this bird, which is one of the rarest in the world, accessing the Durrell Site.

Still on December 2018, the last day of the year was marked by the birthday of the Andean bear – Bahia – who turned 8 years old and received some gifts, as well as a delicious cake.

To know the complete story of this beautiful princess, just go to Durrell’s Website and find out how to help keep it through adoption.

And the Durrell Conservation Academy has released some of the courses that are already scheduled for 2019, one of which is the mini-course that will help develop facilitation and communication skills: “This course is intended for people who work or plan to work in zoos or conservation organizations who wish to develop their facilitation skills.”

This training is intended to give you confidence to organize and conduct your own meetings and workshops, addressing complex and contentious issues. Check out more details of this and other courses here.

For the Royal Marines the last week of the year was like any other, in service. While many enjoyed a more than deserved break during Christmas and New Year, around 2,000 men and women were on active duty, and another 2,500 at home in the UK.

But this is not to say that there was no celebration and that the officers’ thoughts were not in their families, as commented by HMS Clyde Commander Michael Carter Quinn: “Being away from family and friends is always a setback, whatever the time of year, but especially at Christmas.”

Many of those on duty were able to attend the various celebratory dinners that took place on the ships and bases. Read the full article on the Royal Navy’s website e saiba mais detalhes.

The Royal Marines Band made a spectacular presentation at Christmas, through a beautiful melody they wished a “Merry Christmas” to everyone at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth.

O Royal Marines Charity exists to help the entire Royal Marines family by offering support through various services available to all Marines and veterans as well as their families. The charity depends on all of us to get these resources, learn how to help and get involved by accessing the RMC Website and come to be part of this family.

And the 2019 events for fundraising are already being released through the Royal Marines Charity Website, visit and know everything that will happen in this new year.

This was another weekly bulletin of social causes that Henry Cavill is the Ambassador. These insitutions depend on support and donations to continue developing and practicing their work. Do as Henry and help, there are several ways, find yours and get involved!

The Royal Marine Charity

Site:  theroyalmarinescharity.org.uk/  
Instagram: @thermcharity @rmcommandochallenge @theroyalmarinesshop @reorgfunctionalfitness @royalmarines1664 @devonairambulance
Twitter: @theRMcharity @RMCdoChallenge @DevonAirAmb @RMShop1664 @RoyalmarinesBJJ @RoyalMarines @CdoSpirit @RMA1664

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Site: www.durrell.org ; cavillconservation.com
Instagram: @durrell_jerseyzoo @thedurrellchallenge
Twitter: @DurrellWildlife @TheDurrellChall



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