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The week in the networks of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity was very busy, with birthdays and information about upcoming events, among others.

Follow here in Charity Updates the main news of these two causes that has Henry Cavill as Ambassador, who disseminates them through their social networks and participates in events to raise funds for them.

At Durrell the week began with the birthday of the Andean bear Raymi who celebrated, on January 3, 03 years old. Being the first puppy born in the Jersey Zoo since 1994, this lovely teddy bear is regularly found hanging, either on top of the tallest trees or still exploring its surroundings.

Raymi, which means “celebration,” in the indigenous language of the Andean region (quíchua), won a delicious birthday cake as a gift from its keepers. Visit the Durrel Website, and take the time to help keep this and other animals through adoption or donations.

Another anniversary that marked the week of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and his entire team was the founder Gerald Durrell, on January 7 who would have reached 94 years. Lee Durrell, the Honorary Director of the institution, commented: “He would have felt tremendous pride in the Jersey Zoo being entering his 60th birthday in a position of great strength.”

And Durrell has recently unveiled in social networks that it has two open positions for Human Resources, opportunities are for people who feel motivated to be part of the team at Jersey Zoo.

To find out more about the positions available visit the Durrell Website, Remembering that the registration period ends on January 18.

Durrell also officially launched the Jersey Zoo twitter account. Visit and follow the account to keep up to date with “all the exciting things” that happen at the zoo and meet all the animals that will be featured regularly.

A new year has begun and the Royal Marines Charity wants to know if you have already made plans for 2019 that include getting involved in this incredible cause.

Several events are already being released, get involved, participate! Visit the RMC Website and choose a race, a challenge or even a marathon and help having fun, recording special moments for life.

And Baz Gray, a former Royal Marines, who is raising funds for the RMC through Antarctica The Challenge, has been surpassing every day. Supporting temperatures of -25 degrees finally arrived at the South Pole. Alone, without any support and assistance, this is a solo challenge that tests not only your physical but also mental capacity.

Royal Marines Charity is very proud of Baz’s success in this challenge by accessing the RMC Website You read how it has been, enjoy and donate!

Another former Royal Marines who is also testing their physical and mental limits is Lee Spencer on the epic Atlantic Row. Last Wednesday, January 9, Lee began his challenge to row alone and without support from Europe to America, seeking out to become the first person with physical disability to complete this test.

Check out Lee Spencer’s story here and feel free to donate. This is another event that has the support of the Royal Marines Charity.

Finishing this week’s Charity Updates, the Royal Marines Charity was selected for the Stamford Bridge that will take place next month (on 02 February), the game Chelsea-Huddersfield. But for this to be possible we need the participation of everyone voting in the RMC here. Get Involved!

Charity Updates week updates stay around, continue to follow the PHCBR to stay informed with everything that happens in the social causes that Henry Cavill supports. Do as Henry: Know, get involved!

The Royal Marine Charity

Site:  theroyalmarinescharity.org.uk/  
Instagram: @thermcharity @rmcommandochallenge @theroyalmarinesshop @reorgfunctionalfitness @royalmarines1664 @devonairambulance
Twitter: @theRMcharity @RMCdoChallenge @DevonAirAmb @RMShop1664 @RoyalmarinesBJJ @RoyalMarines @CdoSpirit @RMA1664

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Site: www.durrell.org ; cavillconservation.com
Instagram: @durrell_jerseyzoo @thedurrellchallenge
Twitter: @DurrellWildlife @TheDurrellChall



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