ENG | Henry Cavill Charity Update #66

The Henry Cavill Charity Updates is a weekly newsletter that brings the main news that happened in the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines, social causes that has Henry Cavill as Ambassador supporting and publicizing them in his social media or events that he participates.

The Durrell continues in rhythm of celebration, even with Christmas and new year having been left behind, and you know why? Because this year she will be turning 60. And nothing better than great happenings to mark that date and one of them is the Go Wild Gorillas. https://gwg.durrell.org/


Various life-size gorilla sculptures will be scattered throughout the park enchanting visitors and locals, leading them to a trail of discoveries around the island, promising to be the most “creative and cultural” event of Durrell’s 2019 calendar.

The team and sponsors of this incredible project are very excited about the designs that have been coming from local and international artists, who will be chosen to customize each sculpture on January 31st. Follow the full story on Durrell’s website https://www.durrell.org/wildlife/news/durrells-go-wild-gorillas-going-going-nearly-gone/  and get involved.

Another event that will mark the 60 years of Durrell, and that is already counting down, is Go Will for Durrell, which will be held on February 15. Release your animal side by taking a wild ride through your imagination and create new strategies – creative and funny – to raise funds to maintain projects to protect endangered species around the world.

Durrell is an international charity and it takes over 8 million pounds to maintain it. So be part of this cause, go to the Durrell Website and participate, even from afar, there are innumerable ways to contribute.

And Durrell continues to advertise available job openings for anyone interested in joining his team as well as volunteers Do not miss this exciting opportunity to work at Durrell headquarters or programs in Mauritius. Learn all the details here http://wildlife.durrell.org/home/work-at-durrell/

Still on volunteering in Mauritius, the Durrel Academy https://twitter.com/Durrell_Academy/status/1084931896541360129 announced that last week the CEPF Interchange Program officially began https://www.cepf.net/ – Partnership Fund for Critical Ecosystems – this year has 12 participants, 11 from Madagascar and one from the Seychelles.


The group was very motivated during the series of talks that participated and also the visit to the Black River Gorges National Park – Petrin conservation area. The National Parks and Conservation Services Officer explained all ongoing forest restoration work to reduce the presence of alien invasive species and increase native and endemic Mauritian flora.

The year 2019 for the MRC promises to be quite busy, with several events and challenges that will help raise funds for the cause. Some are already being released, so everyone will have time to prepare and also anticipate their inscriptions. And at this rate the RMC invites you to call up your Royal Marines spirit – Command Spirit – and surpass your physical and mental limits in one of the biggest challenges for charity, “The Since 1664 Yomp” https://since1664.com/ which will take place on May 25. Take part in this epic “ride” of pure resistance, approximately 160 km and show that you are capable. Access the RMC Website and know what it takes to sign up.

But the challenges do not stop there, check out also the 65th Degrees North, an organization that the Royal Marines chartity is proud to support by helping in the rehabilitation of ex-military among others. In April the team of 05 veterans RM will climb Everet, the highest mountain in the world. Meet Team Everest by clicking here http://www.65degreesnorth.co.uk/team-everest/ and discover everything about this event and how to donate by visiting the 65◦ Degrees North Website. http://www.65degreesnorth.co.uk/donate-rmctf/

And let’s end one more Charity Updates by telling a story of one of the examples of how much help is meaningful for the Royal Marines to continue to help marines, veterans and their families maintain themselves adequately and fairly for all, overcoming barriers regardless of place they are.

Meet Bob Leefmans, a Marine veteran who served between 1965 and 1979. In 1976 Bob suffered a crash while parachuting to the Royal Marines at Withdean Stadium in Brighton, losing both legs. Today, living in Florida – USA, he depends entirely on his motorized wheelchair and a vehicle adapted to work in a community school, in addition to attending and assisting a local church.

Bob contacted the Royal Carriage Welfare Team through the Royal British Legion, requesting support because his car was no longer meeting his needs, finding himself very deteriorated. Without a vehicle to move, it would lose its Independence, as well as theirjob. Even living overseas, this was not a hardship for the RMC to take action and support it, giving back its freedom to come and go. The support of the Royal Marines Charity and the Royal Marines Association was undoubtedly for Bob, just as it is for all RM and their families. So keep giving, so that we can increasingly tell stories like this, that strengthen our spirit, the RMC family thanks!

We have come to the end of another Charity Updates, continue to follow the PHCBR to be informed about everything that happens with the social causes that Henry Cavill supports. Do as he does, get involved!

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