ENG | Henry Cavill Charity Update #67

Henry Cavill is the Ambassador of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity, causes that he supports and disseminates, through images, social network and events that he participates.
Here in HC Charity Updates you can follow the main updates of the week that were released through the Social Networks and the Site of these causes.

The last week in Durrell began with the birthday of the primate Dobby, who turned 14 on January 17.

This monkey, born of a rare gestation of triplets, is a very loving brother and always seen carrying on his back, his younger brothers.

On the 23rd it was time for fabulous mamma gorilla Kahilli to celebrate her 31st birthday.

These and various other animals are available for adoption, check on the Durrell Site, go and adopt yours! And Durrell announced that the latest issue of Wildlife Magazine is now on sale!


Get yours and read the fascinating interview with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust chief Dr. Richard Young. who talks about his work in Research Management Programs to save some rare endangered species in the world.


Visit the Discover Wildlife Website and check out this and other fascinating and interesting stories written by wildlife experts as well as recent discussions on environmental and conservation issues and more. Buy yours! https://twitter.com/DrRichardYoung

Durrell Academy also unveiled in its Twitter account that it has trained 4,100 conservationists from 141 countries, but will not stop there. This is just the beginning of the RE Wild Our World strategy that aims to work effectively, supporting 500 projects worldwide.

Visit Durrell’s Website and read all about this great #REWildOurWorld project that “aims to reconnect people with nature and help drive the social change needed to save and restore the natural world.”

The RMC began the week announcing the support for Team Ocean Revival 2020 who plans to cross the North Atlantic Ocean in a relentless routine of two hours of paddling and two of rest, for approximately 60 days.

Formed by four former Royal Marines – Matt Mason, Joel McGlynn, Don Rogers and Reece Clayton – who fought together in Afghanistan, the team followed their heart by choosing to raise funds for Ocean Plantic UK and Royal Marines Charity.

Read all about this challenge here and enjoy to make your donation https://theroyalmarinescharity.org.uk/news/ocean-revival-2020-raising-awareness-for-plastic-in-our-oceans-and-the-royal-marines-family/

The RMC also announced that the London Landmarks Half Marathon already has a confirmed date, March 24.

As the only half-marathon to tour the city of London and the city of Westminster, the race will begin at the Pall Mall and end at Downing Street. Learn more details of this event on the RMC Website and take the time to discover how to get involved and help fundraising for the cause.
And the submissions to attend the Royal Marines Charity Business Set Up Workshop are now open! The event that will take place on February 13 is a great opportunity to connect and engage with Business Mentors.

Organized by former RM Matt Williams – Managing Director of Brigantes Consulting, it is an interactive event for marines, retirees and also for families and wants to turn ideas into solid business.
To know more information click here and see how to sign up.
The HC Charity Updates Bulletin ends here with great news, thanks to your vote the Royal Marines Charity will be participating on February 2 of the Stamford Bridge.

The RMC family took the opportunity to leave a special thanks in their their social network to all who dedicated a little of the time to vote.
This was another HC Charity Updates for you to track and stay on top of the news that circulating among the social causes that Henry Cavill supports.

Next week we come back with more, you don’t wanna miss.

TEXT: Sabrina Machado
TEXT REVIEW: Nalva de Moraes

TEXT: Sabrina Machado
TEXT REVIEW: Nalva de Moraes

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