ENG | Henry Cavill Charity Update #68 – DURRELL

The week in the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity, social causes supported and published by the British actor Henry Cavill – Ambassador of the same ones – was marked mainly through the dissemination of some events that have happened and will also be held throughout the year 2019, as well as opportunities to get involved in each one of them. Follow Charity Upadate and stay inside all of them.

January was a month full of announcements of new opportunities to engage in various departments of Durrell, both in the administrative part and in the projects, one of them being the Head of Field Programs. The selected “will lead global development by implementing and managing Durrell’s field programs around the world.” Click on the link http://wildlife.durrell.org/home/work-at-durrell/head-of-field-programmes/
and learn more details of the profile of this vacancy, whose registration period ends on February 19.

And if you are not available to be part of Durrell’s team but want to get involved, how about signing up to get to know the magical island of Corfu? Lee Durrell invites everyone to take part in the one-week course that recreates similar experiences that Gerald Durrell lived through his childhood. Visiting places described in your books studying some of the animals and plants he wrote about in the company of specialists in herpetology, entomology, and botany. Access the link http://wildlife.durrell.org/training/courses/gerald-durrell-week-corfu/
and learn more about this enlightening adventure, which will add knowledge for life and enjoy to sign up sent an email to academy@durrell.org.

The week in Durrell was also very commemorative, on the 25th was the birthday of the beloved orangutan mother Dana, who turned 31 years old.

Then, on the last day of the month (31), it was time to sing congratulations to Dad Quechua, the Andean bear turned 8 years old.

Also on the last day of January, the event was held to select the artists who will develop his work on images that will be scattered throughout the zoo, referring to the project Wild Go Gorillas. Many pre-sponsors came, making it a success. Durrell thanked everyone who was prestigious and warned that he will contact sponsors and artists from next week.

TEXT: Sabrina Machado
TEXT REVIEW: Nalva de Moraes

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