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The week in the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity, social causes supported and published by the British actor Henry Cavill – Ambassador of the same ones – was marked mainly through the dissemination of some events that have happened and will also be held throughout the year 2019, as well as opportunities to get involved in each one of them. Follow Charity Upadate and stay inside all of them.

The last week of January of the Royal Marines Charity was dedicated to publicizing some of the many fundraising events that will take place throughout the year 2019, starting with various presentations from the Royal Marines, as well as the Commando Beach Assault, Royal Marines Extreme and Great North Run challenges.

The various RM Bands will be performing from February to May at concerts to be held at various places in the UK, one of the most anticipated being Mountbatten -days 15 and 16 of March. These performances will display all the versatility of some of the best military musicians in a variety of musical styles. Follow the current schedule of these events on the link https://royalmarinesassociation.org.uk/events/1/
and buy your ticket.

Continuing the announced events, in May will happen the Commando Beach Assault, which will be held on the 11th. This challenge is a competition between Functional Fitness teams, open for men and women and composed of 04 athletes each. All amounts raised will go to the REORG Functional Fitness Foundation, Rock2Recovery and Royal Marines Charity.

Also in May, 17th will be held the Royal Marines Extreme. This challenge is intended for individuals and companies who want to test their limits in a reproduction of the Endurance and Assault courses of the Royal Marines, plus other surprises along the way. Minimum sponsorship is £ 750 per person or £ 2000 per team, every revenue will go directly to the cause of the RMC. The contact email to know more details is zan.whale@theroyalmarinescharity.org.uk.

Another event was the Great North Run, scheduled for September 8. This half marathon is considered “one of the largest racing events in the world and the largest in the UK”, with more than 54,000 participants.
All the above events are supported by the Royal Marines Charity, as well as most of the amounts collected will be allocated to the institution for the purpose of supporting the Marines, veterans and their families. To learn more about these and other events and how to subscribe, access the https://theroyalmarinescharity.org.uk/events/1/
and enjoy to be part of the RMC Family. Any help is welcome!

This was one more Charity Updates that PHCBR featured with some of the top news from social causes that Henry Cavill is Ambassador – Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity. Do as Henry: support, donate, participate!

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