ENG | Henry Cavill Charity Update #69 – DURRELL

The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is a conservation institution whose mission is to “save animals from extinction.” Since September 2014, Henry Cavill has become an ambassador for this social cause, supporting and publicizing through his social media, as well as attending events where possible.

Durrell began the first week of February releasing some important information on conservationism, beginning with the fabulous animation, narrated by Xander Armstrong, which shows some of the programs subsidized by the donations received by the institution.


Then shared about the conservationists who are on Round Island trying to save plant communities that have been devastated by goats and rabbits. Their work is to “reintroduce species of plants that have been lost on the island”.

He also explained that when humans insert new species into vulnerable environments, the effect can be devastating, both in fauna and flora, and can lead to the extinction of animals and ecosystems. Help with this restoration, go to the link https://www.durrell.org/wildlife/islands and make your donation.

And last Sunday was the great start for DESMAN 2019. Professionals from the area of 11 countries, including Brazil (see illustration below), are participating in this 12-week course at the Durrell Academy in Jersey.

This year the Academy is couting with a new staff member, Dr Bela Barata, who will be bringing academic knowledge and sharing experiences with course participants who is validated with a Certificate of Graduation from the University of Kent.

And the second Go Wild For Durrell is already very close, next Friday (February 15) go to the Jersey Zoo and let go of the beast that is in you, enjoying fundraising activities that will help save endangered species in the world.

Dress up a fantasy of your favorite animal, gather friends, classmates, family, and go celebrate Durrell’s 60th birthday and share creative ideas for fundraising.

Remembering that last year Henry Cavill released his animal side, appearing on his social media wearing a tiger costume, will we have another surprise this month? But this time which animal will be chosen? Let’s cross our fingers and wait.

We have come to the end of yet another Charity Updates that brought some of Durrell’s top news of the week. Do as Henry Cavill, get involved in this conservation cause that works to save endangered species and ecosystems affected by human transgressions. Access the Durrell Website by clicking on the link https://www.durrell.org/wildlife/product/donation/ and make your donation!

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