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The Royal Marines Charity is the unified and integrated charity that encompasses all Royal Marines corporations. Fundraising is earmarked for the support of Marines, veterans and their families. Henry Cavill is one of the ambassadors of this incredible cause, which goes beyond borders to bring physical and mental well-being, among others, to all who need it.

Several important news involving the Royal Marines Charity were released during the first week of February, beginning with the success of the football event that took place on February 02 at the Chelsea Football Club headquarters at the Stamford Bridge football stadium in London.

The RMC volunteer team was able to collect £ 1,266.25 at the collection points at the stadium entrance.

And a new event in this style is already planned for May, in the game Exeter Chiefs. Royal Marines Charity is already looking for enthusiastic volunteers who want to be part of the fundraising team.

Royal Marines Charity also announced that the RMA – Royal Marines Association, will be recruiting two secretaries, who will work together to manage the association’s database according to its strategy in accordance with the GDPR – General Regulation on Data Protection: “project for protection of data and identity of citizens of the European Union that began to be idealized in 2012 and was approved in 2016.”

Candidates should have flexibility of time, since the division of hours will depend on the availability of each. The CVs of interested parties must be sent by Friday, February 15, to the email address: transition@theroyalmarinescharity.org.uk.

Another important highlight of the week was the announcement of two mentors, AndrewQuinlan and Peter Brow, who will be taking part in the upcoming RMC Bussiness Workshop – Royal Marines Charity Business Set Up Workshop, which will take place next Wednesday, February 13th.

These workshops, which are eventually held, aim to present opportunities for serving officers, retirees and family members to get acquainted with and get involved with Bussiness Mentors.

Many of the speakers attending these events are former Marines who have launched into the business world and are now successful.

And closing the week, it was announced that the Captain General of the Royal Marines, Duke of Sussex – Prince Henry, will be visiting next Thursday (February 14) the Clockwork Exercise in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Operation Bardufoos, Norway.

“Clockwork is the traditional name for the annual winter exercise, based on one of the most demanding environments in the world, 200 miles inside the Arctic Circle, which has trained more than 16,000 Royal Navy and British Royal Navy sailors since 1969”, wrote the Palace.

The Charity Updates – RM is a weekly summary that brings some of the top social news stories that Henry Cavill supports and through their social media discloses, when possible also participates in the events. You can also get involved in this fabulous cause by going to the Royal Marines Charity Website: https://theroyalmarinescharity.org.uk/ and find out your best way to help.

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