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The Royal Marines Charity is the charity of the Royal Marines and their purpose is to help Marines, veterans and their families. Henry Cavill, as ambassador of the cause, supports and disseminates through his social media the RMC work and when is possible he attend events too.

The week of the Royal Marines Charity was marked, mainly, by some stories of overcoming, beginning of the young cadet Oliver Liddle, who has only 13 years, that after being diagnosed with osteosarcoma, had the right leg amputated in the knee in September of 2018.

The young man, who lost his mother to breast cancer six years ago, began to feel pain in his right leg last year, but thought they were related to growth. Olly’s father, Steve Liddle, who served for five years in the Army Corps, commented: “The hardest things I’ve ever had to do are tell my kids that their mother would never come home and tell Olly he had cancer.”

In addition to the Army, Olly has another great passion, Rugby. Playing for RFC Rockcliff, he was a strong athlete and a rugby player struggling fiercely on the field. But unfortunately, fate is causing him, still very young, to make great choices, at the moment the main one is his recovery. For this it counts on a multitude of sympathizers who have been raising funds to help in the treatment, including members of the rugby. Read the full story of this brave RM cadet, who is already an example of strength, struggle, and perseverance in this link to know more details.

Another example of overcoming is Lee Spencer, a marine, who is halfway to accomplishing his personal mission of challenging his physical and mental boundaries in favor of his favorite social causes, Endeavor Fund and Royal Marines Charity, in the Atlantic epic Row.

Lee, on January 9, 2019, became the first person with physical disability in the world to leave alone, with no support, to cross from Europe to America, challenging embedded precepts that affect all disabled people. Along the way, he’s already faced 40-foot waves in his seven-foot-long paddleboat, as well as sleep deprivation, fatigue, fear and loneliness.

During the challenge, Lee has been receiving several supporting messages that are encouraging him along the way, keeping him on the line. And along the line are also Commando Training Center officers and recruits who remain focused on helping raise more funds and raising awareness of Lee’s efforts.

And this week the charity of the Royal Marines, based in Lympstone, received a donation of £ 300 from Royal Marine Lodge – Exmouth. The aid is earmarked for the new support center that will help both officials, retirees and their families who are going through some difficult times for some reason.

The Henry Cavill Charity Updates for The Royal Marines Charity ends here, next week has more!
Keep up with some of the week’s top news stories about this inspiring cause. Enjoy and access the RMC Website The Royal Marines Charity to get to know and get involved.

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