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The Henry Cavill Charity Updates is a newsletter that brings some of the top news from the Royal Marines charity social cause that has Henry Cavill as Ambassador.

The Royal Marines Charity began the week announcing the visit of the Duke of Sussex – Prince Henry – to Commando Helicopter Fore (CHF) in Norway on February 14.

In his first trip abroad – as Captain General of the Royal Marines – wearing their uniforms for the first time, Duke attended the celebrations that marked the 50th anniversary of  Clockwork Exercise , explored the Commando’s facilities and met the Royal Marines and Royal sailors Navy.

It was a memorable moment for everyone and Adrian Shepherd  Sub-Lieutenant – said: “It is good that the people here see their hard work recognized during a significant year for the exercise.”

The RMC also announced that Major Scotty Mills is asking through its social networks for all the Royal Marines family to support Lee Spencer, who is already halfway on his solo journey across the Atlantic.

Lee is the first physically handicapped man to attempt to cross, through sea, from Europe to America, in the epic Atlantic Row challenge.

Still talking about the RM family, Sergeant Benny Benson – from the Commando 43’s PTI unit – recently visited former PTI Charlie Forrest on his 96th birthday.


This was and is an attitude of consideration, kindness and respect that the RM family maintains by those who contributed to their country, as for the Royal Marines “Once a Marine, always a Marine.”

And closing the top news of the week, the Ministry of Defence has launched a new Veterans ID card, allowing charity and public services to instantly recognize a veteran. Before that, sometimes the veterans couldn’t be recognized quickly. To find out how the delivery of the cards will work, access the Link.

This was another Henry Cavill Charity Updates weekly newsletter from The Royal Marines Charity, we’ll come back next week !

Keep following through the PHCBR all about the social causes that has Henry Cavill as Ambassador, and do as he does: support, spread, participate!


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