[ENG] Henry Cavill Charity Updates #11


Henry Cavill does an amazing work as ambassador of Durell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity. This week, we had a proof that he doesn’t waits for a event or campaign to help a animal in danger.

Understand better in this week Henry Cavill Charity Updates.

Durell Wildlife Conservation Trust’s social medias relesead a photografic register of Gerald Durell, Lee Durell and the former chefe of Jersey’s Zoo’s Birds Departament, David Jeggo in a trip to Mexico to collect species in danger and take then to Jersey to assisted reprodution, in 1979

The highlight in Durell’s social medias althouth was the pigmy hog. Star of Durrell’s Underhogs movie, it was released videos and photos of the preservation’s work of this smallest pig in the world, threatened with extinction and that now is passin throught a large protection program from Durrell.

The director of pigmy hog’s protection program, dr. Parag Jyoti Deka, told about how following up before release the pigs on forest.

“Even though the pygmy hogs have been released into the wild, we continue to offer supplementary food close to where they were released and we’ve installed camera traps to capture images of the hogs and track them closely. The camera trap also had a visit from two young tusker elephants on Saturday evening.

Last tuesday , ambassador Henry Cavill published a update on Cavill Conservation telling more about how important this species is to it enviroment and the nessecity of helping Durrell in preservated it.


Who likes cute little pigs?! Well, I have something for you here. Introducing you to possibly the cutest pig in the world, the pygmy hog. These diminutive, adorable creatures are critically endangered but thanks to Durrell and the hard work of their volunteers and staff this little piggy has a fighting chance!

If you want to learn more about what has gone into saving this unique species check out Durrell’s brand new documentary here www.durrell.org/underhogs

A little conservation fact for you that you may have picked up from the documentary, these hogs are an indicator species. They are the ones who feel the effects of habitat change first and therefore act as a warning signal to other species sharing the same habitat like the tiger, rhino, hispid hare and Bengal florican. So stabilising these little hogs will not just benefit them,  but will benefit many other endangered species too.

If these little guys and gals touch your heart in the same way that they have touched mine be sure that every penny and share counts, and will directly support the pygmy hog project. Every little bit helps and how can you say no to those little hoglets??

Thank you for reading!



To donate go to: www.durrell.org/underhogs

And our last update on the Henry’s conservation cause in fact wasn’t posted by Durrell or Henry but it make a huge noise in social medias! Henry was caght being a real life Superman by sttoping the traffic to save a litlle turtle off the road. <3

The video was shared by @loralee.blank.flores on Istagram. “Henry Cavill stoping traffic to save a turltle!”

The video (that even won a soundtrack of the original Superman’s movie) got viral and only proves how Henry is committed in helping preservate natural life.

Royal Marines’s social media released this week images of a special trainning England’s soccer team has at Commando CT, Devon.

The coach, Gareth Southgate, said he sent the players by surprise (for a weekend) in preparation of a match they will have against France and Scotland.

Besides the daily rotine of Royal Marines, the soccer team also camped for a night at Woodbury Commom

“For me, the greatest outcome was that we worked as one team – support staff and players. I think there was a real connection formed between everybody, and it was also a great life experience for everybody. .. We’re always thinking about football and the small world we’re in, but there are life experiences that’ll stay with you forever and I think this will stay with everyone – from our side and the Marines’ side”, Southgate said.

The location of this trainning is the same where it happens Commando Challange, this year again in octuber. last edition count with Henry Cavill’s presence, who join at 10k run and raised donations reverted to Royal MArines Charity and Devon Air Ambulance.

Commando Challange’s page released videos about the event and orientations of how to donate. This year’s edition take place at october, 14th and 15th in Devon


Commando Challange’s website also published some images can be shared in social medias to whom wants to help with the event spread and raising donations

A mensagem do site explica:

“Please support our charities Devon Air Ambulance and The Royal Marines Charity by raising sponsorship.

We’re asking everyone taking part if they could pledge £50 – could you?

Your sign up email will have given you links to sign up to an online sponsorship page via JustGiving or VirginMoneyGiving.

If you would prefer hard copy sponsor forms please drop us an email. Thank you for your support!

This year’s event is already open for subscriptions and you can joint he 5k or 10k challange under a £35 tax. (if you can go to Deon to participate, subcribe here: https://www.commandochallenge.co.uk/signup).

Follow up the details of this event on https://www.commandochallenge.co.uk/

We don’t know if Henry Cavill will join this year event but ah amabassador, he works to help this institutions. make you share and help Henry you too.

More about Henry Cavill‘s suporting causes do not miss our weekly Henry Cavill Charity Updates in our social medias!

»»» theroyalmarinescharity.org.uk/
»»» www.royalnavy.mod.uk/our-organisation/the-fighting-arms/royal-marines
»»» www.durrell.org
»»» cavillconservation.com


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