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Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
and Royal Marines Charity events and campaigns raise values for various projects. They are publicized by his ambassador, the actor Henry Cavill, who makes a point to participate and to make people aware of the seriousness and importance of these institutions.

The main highlights of these causes, in the week, you remember now:

Earlier this week, Durrell announced the ITV network’s showcase for a show about the incredible birth of “British 2015” animals – with some scenes recorded at the Jersey Zoo – and also in the wild.


For those who want to watch the video made by the team of Durrell Conservation, which brings the first record of the birth of a Sumatran orangutan, (one of the events that appeared in the ITV program), access the link >> youtu.be/61ae9axuHJY <<

On Wednesday, (21), on WayBackWednesday, Durrell share on it’s Facebook page, the #DurrelFiles of one of the first advertising vans of the Zoo in Jersey.

And on the Durrell networks, there is also the release of the event schedule for July.

From July 8 to 10, the Passion for Primates course takes place. There will be three days for anyone with an interest in primates, their captive care, and the conservation work done to save them. At the end of this course, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the biology, ecology, evolution, and conservation of primates and develop their understanding of primate behavior and the practicalities of keeping them in captivity.

The course is worth £ 200 with lunch, and will be held at the Durrell Conservation Academy, Durrell Academy of Conservation, at Durrell Headquarters in Jersey.

More at >> wildlife.durrell.org/latest/events/passion-for-primates2/ <<

Another event for next month, widely publicized by Durrell is the Gerald Durrell Week in Jersey.

Led by Durrell’s Honorary Director, Mrs. Lee Durrell, the course takes place July 15-21.

It will be a comprehensive course that in addition to making enrollees aware of the work of Gerald and the Jersey Zoo, will also show how the animal care offered at the park helps in conservation projects around the world.

In addition, participants will learn more about conservation projects on Mauritius and Madagascar, and will be able to see how wildlife protection projects are also contributing to Jersey Island.

 “You will learn about Jersey’s fascinating natural history from local experts, and you will visit places of historical and cultural interest around the Island. All this will allow you to discover the Jersey that became Gerald Durrell’s home for more than 35 years…The whole week will be an informal mix of talks, walks, visits, readings from Gerald Durrell’s books and special behind-the-scenes access to parts of Jersey Zoo normally not open to the public”.

More at >> wildlife.durrell.org/latest/events/gerald-durrell-week-jersey2/ <<

In the Royal Marines‘ networks this week featured publications such as the video showing some of the evidence made by England’s football team at the Commando Training Center.

The images show some athletes facing the dive challenge in the mud that is also performed in the Commando Challenge. The same event was seen by Royal Marines actor and ambassador Charity Henry Cavill at last year’s event.

Another video released by the Commando was the unarmed combat exhibition at the National Armed Forces Day Parade in Liverpool.

 The challenge was to find a new cuttier mascot for the Royal Marines than the Duke – and we agree that it is a very strong competitor – but for us Kal is unbeatable so let’s wait and see if Henry posts a photo of his akita with a green beret.

 “Could this be the new he Royal Marines Charity mascot? Or do you know someone that can rival Duke? #RMfamily

To close the week the Commando Challenge page, (with open registrations for this year’s event), which takes place on October 14 and 15, showed that everyone is entering the challenge mood.

Last Thursday, Royal Marines CEO Jonathan Charity posted a photo to show he’s on course as he prepares for the races. (As well as the CEO of the Devon Air Ambulance Trust, Helena who is also training for the 5k course).

As the Royal Marines would say: “Are you ready for the challenge?”

Visit www.commandochallenge.co.uk/sign-up to find out more about the 2017 Commando Challenge entries.

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