Ambassador of the causes Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity, the actor Henry Cavill participates in events and campaigns that spread and collaborate for the projects and two institutions.

Learn more about the Durrell and Royal Marines Charity updates this week in our summary:

As Durrell networks have shared this week, the second stage of the #ConservationOptimism movement.

The project aims to include all those who wish to contribute to have a positive impact on environmental conservation. From academics, scientists, gardeners, graphic designers, but also bakers, baristas, fathers and mothers of families, teachers, divers … anyway, the movement is for everyone.

While preparing the next steps of the project, Durrell called on all interested parties to post a selfie – on Twitter or Instagram – with #iamaconservationist.

More at the Conservation Optimism Facebook page.

In the Durrell Archive, the photo published shows Gerald Durrell in a lecture and one of his famous drawings of animals with which he “ran” in his expeditions.

And speaking of Gerald from 15-21 July in Jersey, Gerald Durrell Week took place. The Durrell Academy page shared some photos of participants’ activities.

The week included lectures with honorary director Lee Durrell, backstage visits to the Jersey Zoo, and ‘tours’ of places on the island where they could learn more about the island and Durrell’s conservation work.

The Royal Marines highlighted their networks this week to confirm the presence of the Duke of Edinburgh at the Royal Marines Parade on 2 August in the courtyard of Buckingham Palace.

The parade marks the end of the annual charity event “1664 Global Challenge”, which had more than 1.500 Royal Marines from across the UK, running 16.64 miles per day for 100 days. The total distance from 1664 to the end of the challenge recalls the foundation date of the corporation, in the year 1664.

All participants publicized and raised funds for the Royal Marines Charity – a fund that reverses the amounts raised in work-improvement and relief projects for officers and their families – which also has actor Henry Cavill as his ambassador.

His Royal Highness – the Duke of Edinburgh – was named Captain General of the Royal Marines on June 2, 1953, in succession to the late King George VI.

Since then the Duke has been supporting the Royal Marines at various public events, such as the Mountbatten Music Festival, at Royal Albert Hall, for example.

This year, His Royal Highness will find the runners, cadets and veterans in the parade who will receive the 1664 Global Challenge baton.

It was also the highlight of the week, a partnership with the Maritime Agency and Coast Guard (MCA), through an agreement of exchange of experiences, with training, between the two institutions.

The agreement was signed (by Commander-in-chief Royal Marine, Brigadier Richard Spencer, and Coast Guard Chief Executive Alan Massey) aboard a Royal Navy landing craft at Naval Devonport.

This unit trains landing craft for helicopters and crews of small boats that provide support for the Royal Marines’ amphibious fleet.

“The agreement transcends business and is symbolic of a relationship between the Royal Marines and the MCA, which allows adoption each other’s best practice.”, Mr. Massey said.

More at the Royal Navy website.

On the page of the Commando Challenge (which takes place on 14 and 15 October in Devon), the Royal Marines have issued yet another obstacle that road users will face again this year.

If you’ve followed the coverage of the Henry Cavill Portal of the 2016 Commando Challenge, you will certainly remember the Sheep Dip, the most beloved – and at the same time hated – obstacle to preparing the Marines to win the green beret.

Who can not remember the “cute” accessory that actor Henry Cavill won last year after completing the stumbling block?

Speaking of obstacles, the Commando Challenge page recalled a phrase from a Superman, also very dear to us all, Christopher Reeve:

Commando Challenge entries remain open for the 2017 edition. The amounts raised will be reverted to the Devon Air Ambulance Trust, and Royal Marines Charity.

More at www.commandochallenge.co.uk/charities

Follow up Durell, Royal Marines Charity and Cavill Conservation medias and our article to know everything about daily rotine of social’s cause supported by Henry Cavill.

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»»» www.durrell.org
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