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Learn about the weekly updates of the organizations that have the actor Henry Cavill as their ambassador. The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity count on your support.

One of the highlights of the Royal Marines last week was Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and REORG ambassador, champion Roger Gracie.

Gracie and Luciano Cristovam, (also champion in the “soft art”), visited the site of the Jiu-jitsu training of the 30th Commando IX GP, in addition to visiting the 539 Boat troop.

Just Hoofing to have REORG Ambassador @rogergracie and @lucianocristovam visiting 30 Commando IX GP. Here with 539 Boat Troop. Outstanding support from all over the World for REORG Jiu Jitsu Foundation! Thank you for your support. You can join the mission and help support REORG Jiu Jitsu Foundation! Go to www.tatamifightwear.com The full range of REORG kit is available, including the REORG X RvN Kit, produced by Tatami Fightwear! Proceeds of the REORG Range directly support the REORG Jiu Jitsu Foundation through Tatami Fightwear. Huge thank you to our Ambassador Tom Hardy for creating the alliance between REORG & RvN and inspiring the new REORG Kit. If your a Veterans and would like to get involved in Jiu Jitsu please message REORG directly @royalmarinesjiujitsu #reorg #royalmarinescharity #royalmarinesbjj #royalnavybjj #stateofmind #ufc #royalmarinescommando #bjj #jiujitsu #bjjlifestyle #jiujitsulifestyle #wedefyfoundation #military #militaryjiujitsu #vetransjiujitsu #mentalhealth #combatstress #ptsd #commando #greenberet #gracie #rogergracie #henrycavill #rvn #polaris #professionalgrappling @polaris_professional @tatamifightwear @rock2recoveryuk @thermcharity

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In another event this week, Roger Gracie received the “Commando Dagger” from Lieutenant Colonel Royal Marine Nick Cavill (Henry Cavill’s brother).

The publication was entitled to comment by Henry Cavill.

REORG works for the rehabilitation of serving military and veterans, through physical activities and sports such as boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Another Royal Marines Charity project, which is helping former military personnel relocate to the construction business – after the ‘downing’ in military service – comes from a partnership with Morgan Sindall’s office.

Veterans are encouraged to consider a career in the construction industry, which can rely on the talent of 14,000 military personnel who leave the military each year, They get recognized for their leadership skills, teamwork, and management project.

This partnership has allowed several Marines to secure internships in major works throughout the region, promoting excellent career opportunities available in the industry

“In the Southwest, our partnership with The Royal Marines Charity has provided service leaders with the opportunity to get a first taste of working on a great work. Initiatives like this one,” said Andy Duff, Managing Director of Morgan Sindall. Allow us to raise awareness for what can offer a career in the construction industry for those coming from the military. “

To learn more about this partnership read the full story at the Construction MorfanSindall website.

On the 28th, the Royal Marines’ networks announced that they would support the marriage ceremonies of their Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales and Ms. Meghan Markle on 19 May.

Sailors from small ships and fleet dive units will join the Marines, a total of more than 250 members of the armed forces, who will participate in ceremonial duties at the wedding.

Other units participating in events at Windsor Castle include the 3 Army Air Corps Regiment, the Royal Gurkha Rifles and RAF Honington.

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Prince Harry joined The Blues and Royals in April 2006 served with the Cavalry Regiment and then, rising to the rank of Captain.

Succeeding the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Harry is Captain General Royal Marines and also Chief Commodore of the small dive vessels.

Read more at the Royal Navy website.

AEnding the week off, the #29 was #WearAHatDay2018, and of course, the long-awaited Marines green beret was the hat they chose.

“Today is Wear A Hat Day 2018 and here’s the best one, the coveted Green Beret. #RMfamily”

Durrell‘s week began with a vote to choose the name of the bird species Javan Green Magpie, which was born at the Jersey Zoo.

Among the suggestions for a name were:

1. Salamat – a national park in Java where green magpies are found
2. Rondônia – Indonesian for ‘season’
3. Hijau – an Indonesian adjective, which describes the color ‘emerald green’
4. André – Malay for ‘bright, brilliant, splendid’
5. Eko – ‘first’ in Javanese
6. Satu – Indonesian for ‘one’, hoping that there will be ‘two’, ‘three’ etc in the future!
7. Indra – God of the seas and skies

Jersey Zoo’s Javan green magpie chick needs a name!

We're delighted to announce that the Bird Department at Jersey Zoo (our HQ) has successfully bred their first Javan green magpie chick and we would like our supporters to help us name him! The keepers have chosen several potential names, but it's now up to you to decide…1. Salamat – a national park in Java where Javan green magpies are found2. Musim – Indonesian for 'season'3. Hijau – an Indonesian adjective, which describes the colour ‘emerald green’4. Gilang – Malay for ‘bright, glittering, splendid’5. Eko – ‘first’ in Javanese6. Satu – Indonesian for ‘one’, with the hope that there will be ‘two’, ‘three’ etc in the future!7. Indra – god of seas and skiesVote for your favourite name by leaving a comment below.The Javan green magpie is Critically Endangered, with a wild population of around 100 individuals. Read more here: http://bit.ly/2FZZdfn

Publicado por Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust em Sexta-feira, 16 de março de 2018

The name has chosen, with more than 170 votes is “Eko.”

The Javan Green Magpie is critically endangered, with a wild population of about 100 individuals only.

To learn more about Durrell’s protective work with the species, visit bit.ly/2FZZdfn

Another highlight was the TV series that tells the story of Gerald Durrell – The Durrell’s – Last episode is about ‘Gerry’ evaluating the walls of his garden:

I’m not known for my arithmetic, but I estimate there are 20,000 living beings on this wall …” – Gerry #TheDurrells

At Durrell Networks, the moment was shared by inviting everyone to participate in an event on May 26 at the Jersey Zoo.

At Durrell Networks, the moment was shared by inviting everyone to participate in an event on May 26th at the Jersey Zoo. Durrell Wildlife Specialists needed the help of the participants to count the animals and plants that inhabit the zoo.

Durrell will be releasing more information soon about the event that is one of the preparatory activities for Gerald Durrell Week (which takes place in Jersey June 23-29).

Speaking of a special date, last Monday, the 26th was the anniversary of the official opening of the zoo in Jersey, March 26, 1959! There was a huge celebration!

Since March 26, 1959, there has been a lot of progress and achievements to celebrate.

Durrell’s serious work is present in conservation actions around the world and needs your help to continue preserving endangered species.

Congratulations to all of the team Durrell, who is dedicated to caring, teaching and conserving the species of our planet.

To visit the park, meet the professionals and know more sign up at: buff.ly/2HLOthU

Closing the news of the week, Durrell invites everyone to visit the three new residents of Jersey Zoo.

Visayan warty pigs are a species that comes from the Philippines and under threat of extinction, leaving only about 200 individuals in the wild.

Meet Jersey Zoo's newest residents!

Jersey Zoo has recently welcomed three little Visayan warty pigs to the zoo! This species comes from the Philippines and is critically endangered, with only around 200 left in the wild. They used to live on several islands in the Philippines, but today are restricted to just two – Negros and Panay. Unfortunately their habitat is rapidly decreasing due to illegal logging and hunting. This Easter Weekend, the public are invited to come and see the zoo's newest residents for the first time since they arrived in Jersey. Watch our video to find out more 👇Thanks to 3C International for the video.

Publicado por Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust em Quinta-feira, 29 de março de 2018

They used to live on several islands in the Philippines, but today they are restricted to only two – Blacks and Panay. Unfortunately, the species is rapidly declining due to deforestation and poaching.

This Easter weekend, audiences will be able to see the newcomers to the zoo for the first time since arriving in Jersey.

Updates for the week are here but keep following the Portal Henry Cavill to learn all about Durrell and the Royal Marines Charity.

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