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Check out this week’s Charity Updates and find out what happened at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity. Social causes that are supported and spreaded by its Ambassador Henry Cavill, through social network and his participation in the events of incentive and fundraising.

On October 6th and 7th will be the launch of the Jèrriais translation of the classic book of images by Michael Rosen, J’allons à la chasse à le’ourse – We’In Going on a Hunt Bear.

La Chasse à l’oursse – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt will be taking place at the Jersey Zoo, the program includes a series of fun bears-themed events and whoever is there, you can also learn about Jèrriais, the unique and beautiful language of Jersey.

If you are in Jersey and want to participate, just click on the link to go to the Facebook event page and see schedule.

On the 23rd the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, along with the Jersey Zoo, celebrated Members’ Day. On that day, members of Durrell were able to bring a guest to meet the zoo for free. A perfect opportunity for people to get to know the Zoo with the lovely residents of Jersey.

And here is our invitation to you that loves animals, and looking for an opportunity to help a trustworthy institution that cares for endangered species, join Ambassador Henry Cavill and the other members of Durrell to be part of this very special team dedicated to this beautiful and enjoyable job. Visit the Durrell website and learn how to collaborate and participate. The Durrell, Henry Cavill and us PHCBR, we thank you so much for your cooperation.

And look! News about Hazel. She’s been doing great since her partner George passed away. And it’s been seen spending a lot of time near Anette, the zoo’s orangutan. In fact, the two are seen together at lunchtime, sharing food.

Hazel has also become bolder. Do they believe she sneaks in and steals some of Dagu’s food when he’s not looking? Gibbon Hazel has also been trying to make new friends, and sometimes the guardians have been interacting with the young orangutans Kea and Jantho.

On day 23 was also celebrated World Day of Gorilla #WorldGorillaDay! The western lowland gorillas have been in the Jersey Zoo since it was opened to the public in 1959. And the cute gorilla in the picture here is N’Pongo, the first gorilla to be taken to the zoo by Gerald Durrell. At the time she was 2 years old. As she was the first mammal to arrive at the zoo, her unique identification number is ‘M1’. You can still visit her daughter Kahilli and her grandson Indigo at the zoo today.

And did you know that you can help protect wild gorillas? Just recycle your old cell phones, tablets, mp3 players and other electronics. This simple action protects the habitat of gorillas by reducing demand for Coltan, a mineral extracted from the rainforests of Central Africa!

Learn more at Gorilla Fund’s website!!

The Royal Marines week began with an unusual rescue through the mountains of Glen Clova – Scotland. When Climber Susan Whitton, from Arbroath – UK, went out for a walk through the valley with her husband Jimmy did not imagine that this would result in a broken ankle. Command 45 was training in the near by when they received the distress call and immediately went to the first aid station, after they had arranged a human stretcher and took her to the couple’s cabin.

Recovering from the incident, Susan expressed her appreciation through her social network, with the phrase, “I would just like to say a huge thank you to our 45 Commando Royal Marines who came to my rescue.

Learn more at Royal Navy’s website!

After 12 days on the road, the Royal Marines’ six-person team of musicians completed the 1000-mile John O’Groats to Land’s End circuit on Friday (21). The goal was to raise £ 1,000 for the Royal Marines Charity – a RM charity that helps both former Marines and their families. To the satisfaction of all, the target has already exceeded 121%.

For more information on this circuit and how to donate to RMCharity, go to the Royal Marines Charity website.

Another event that marked RM Week was the 2018 Peregrine Trophy 2018 – which honored several highly qualified body photographers who, through still images and videos, are responsible for telling the stories of sailors and marines around of the world.

The Peregrine Trophy has been in existence since 1962, and was first defeated by Airman’s navman Nick Gosney of HMS Seahawk with an image titled “Wren at play.” It is highly coveted to be considered the best prize a photographer can win in the Royal Navy Photographic Branch.

Check out the Royal Navy website and learn more about this award, see also all the winners and their winning photos. There are so many magnificent images, which speak for themselves, that it must have been very difficult to judge the best.

And the sculpture of the torso of the former Royal Marines Mark Ormrod, called “Undeffeated” – Undefeated, was officially presented last Monday, September 24, at Aviva Headquarters in London, by its President Sir Adrian Montague. The piece that was created by international sculptor Ben Dearnley, will be auctioned to raise funds for The Royal Marines Charity and Blesma.

On Christmas Eve 2007, after suffering serious injuries in the war in Afghanistan, Mark had three of his limbs amputated, two legs and one arm. Author of award-winning autobiography Man Down, he is currently a motivational speaker, in addition to training peak performance and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Last year he participated for the first time in the Invictus Game event and won two silver medals.

The statue of Mark’s torso will tour the corporate buildings in London for dates and locations, as well as participate in the auction, just check out the Royal Marines Charity website.

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Next week we will be back with the weekly summary of activities and events from the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity.

And if you want to join Durrell or the Royal Marines go to the social network and know how to participate.

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»»» www.durrell.org
»»» cavillconservation.com

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