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The Charity Updates is a summary of the activities and events of the week at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity. These social institutions have the support of Ambassador Henry Cavill, who disseminates them through their social network and participates in events that aim to raise funds for the maintenance, growth and continuation of their social works.

This week The Guardian published an article about Durrell’s award-winning conservationist and chief scientist, Prof. Carl Jones.

The article recounts that Carl rescued more endangered animals than anyone else, including some of the world’s most endangered species in the Mauritius.
To read the full story, you can visit The Guardian’s website, and get to know a little about the work of Prof. Carl Jones and his life.

Gerald Durrell, founder of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation and Trust is one of the nominees in the race to be the face of the new £50 note. Everyone at the institution is very thrilled with the nomination, once that the Gerald’s name appears on a list of the world’s most renowned scientists!

The Bank of England released a list of scientists who were nominated to appear on the new 50-pound note. In the list are names such as computer pioneers Alan Turing and Ada Lovelace, telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell and astronomer Patrick Moore. There were more than 174,112 nominations, but only 114,000 met the eligibility criteria (to be on the list, the individual must be real, deceased and have contributed to the field of science in the UK).

See the list and full story on the BBC website.

Pink Pigeon was included in the Endangered to Vulnerable list.

Durrell’s long-term work has resulted in a surprising return to the pink pigeon species through the first captive breeding program created in the 1970s by Gerald Durrell. First captive breeding program in the 1970s, with only 12 birds.

The Royal Marines family began the week spreading the word about a very proud Lancaster father who presented his son with the Green Beret after he completed the Reserve Forces Commando Course.
Of the 41 recruits who began training in August last year to serve at the Royal Marines Reserve (RMR) in Merseyside, only 09 successfully completed the training, one of them being Luke Croasdale. And nothing more just than his father, the Royal Marine Mark Croasdale do the honors and deliver him his coveted Green Beret.

The Reserve Forces Commando Course takes place in two weeks, but several months of preparation are required. To learn more visit the Royal Navy’s website and follow the full story.

Another note recently announced was that Danny Egan joined the RMA staff and Royal Marines Charity, as the new Director of Social Assistance. Responsibilities covering this position are to unify the welfare teams of both organizations as well as develop new strategies to better serve veterans and their families as well as the needs of the in-service Corps and their families.

In the last 17 years Danny has been dedicating his time in the specialization of this social service, being qualified to assume this important role with the RMC and RMA. Visit the Royal Marines Charity Website and learn more about this work and if you are a member of the Corps Family and you need help, click on the Royal Marines Association website and how to obtain assistance.

And next Thursday, December 5, the Royal Marines Charity Transition team will be hosting a South West networking event in association with Westcountry 100. Organized by Punch Taverns, it will be an opportunity to make contacts with former Royal Marines, retirees, employers and service providers.

To know more about this event that is an initiative to create job opportunities for former Royal Marines visit the Royal Marines Charity Site or sent an email to transition@theroyalmarinescharity.org.uk

This Week charity Updates are ending up here. We will be back next week with more information and news on the social causes of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity, and we are waiting for you.

The Royal Marine Charity

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Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

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