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The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity are social institutions that have the support of Ambassador Henry Cavill, who disseminates them through their social media. Henry also participates in events that are intended to raise funds for the maintenance and growth of these institutions. The Charity Updates is a summary that brings the activities and events that occurred during the week, promoted by these social works.

Durrell is looking for an assistant for the DESMAN – Durrell Endangered Species Management Graduate Certificate course next year.

The selected candidate will support the Durrell Academy team in the course. And if the interest is to develop your skills in empowerment and conservation, this is an excellent opportunity to gain a practical learning experience.

Entries will run through Dec. 14 via Durrell’s website, where you will also find information on how to become a DESMAN

Look how gorgeous the neckwarmers that Durrell’s Giraffa, a social company, partner produced with the prints of Dana, Kea and Dagu, the Jersey Zoo’s Sumatran orangutans.

The neckwarmers are multifunctional accessories, handmade in Barcelona, ​​with 100% Spanish cotton. All items are accompanied by a didactic material, with the aim of making society as a whole aware of the importance of preserving and conserving nature.

What about uniting fashion and solidarity? Your look will be more beautiful, and you still contribute to the work of these institutions. By purchasing one, two or more, 10% of the value of each purchase will be donated to Durrell. You can buy it at the Jersey Zoo store, or by visiting the Giraffa website.

The Rewild our Islands project has been a source of great pride to everyone at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation and Trust. The reason? The constant success stories of conservation, with which they have been involved over the years. Thanks to their incredible supporters.

This week, during the Wildlife Conservation Day, the Durrell took the opportunity to thank everyone who has helped to achieve this goal. In particular to Rathbone Brothers Plc  for sponsoring the Durrell London Lecture. The event was a success, as you can see in the following video:

61% of extinctions occur on islands with 86% of these due to invasive species. Restoring the Islands is extremely challenging, so your support is very necessary. Durrell needs you! Get involved and contribute to the Rewild Our Islands. project. Access the project website or Island Conservation, if you report and donate. Help save the world’s most endangered species.

Some members of the Go Wild Gorillas project team went to Brighton for the Snailspace Brighton & Hove snails auction. There they had a chance to admire all the incredible snails, created by talented artists, who were gracing the streets of Brighton in recent months.

And the invitation for artists to submit their own Durrell’s Wild Art Trail projects, continues. Go to the Go Wild Gorillas website and download the artists package.

With the imminent merger between the Royal Marines Charity and the Royal Marines Association , a further nomination was announced this week , now Sara Feed to the RMC Board of Trustees , taking over responsibility for the institution’s communications and public relations .

Currently, Sara is a global communications manager at Aberdeen Standard Investments , with extensive experience in strategic international communication with the ability to create and lead high-level public relations campaigns – in the public and private sectors – financial services, corporate organizations and government. This is undoubtedly an excellent addition to the Royal Marines Charity team. S well Sara life!

And the more moieties to come, as announced last November 30, the website of the Royal Marines Charity. Some of them are the s of a new Director of Fundraising and Marketing also, functions indicated for those wishing to really make a difference within the institution, ensuring a secure future for those who put their lives at risk to defend the nation and, consequently, the families facing the challenge of supporting them.

The merger between RMC and RMA is exactly aimed at further enhancing life support for Marines, veterans and their respective families by offering a Unified Charity Unit with a one-stop shop for ongoing support .Read the full story by visiting the Royal Marines Charity Website and learn more.

This week the RMC  released another event for the fundraising , Edinburgh Marathon Festival, which will take place in May next year , being considered the fastest marathon in the UK.

The planned route began in London and Regent Road, past the historic Holyrood Palace and Holyrood Park . Following Meadowbank Stadium , by Leith Links, along the boardwalk of Portobello and then in EastLothian , coming to an end at Pinkie Primary School in Musselburgh . For more information on how to help raise funds and sign up send an e-mail to  enquiries@theroyalmarinescharity.org


Already on Wednesday, December 05 was the International Day of Volunteering – International Volunteer Day . A special day for volunteers and organizations to celebrate their efforts, it is also seen as an opportunity to promote projects and raise awareness of society in favor of institutions that aim to provide well-being in all necessary areas.

And as it could not stop being, the team of the RMC left in its social networks its thanks  to all of their volunteers who directly or indirectly assist in this cause that makes a difference in the lives of serving marines, veterans, and their families . And for those who wish to become such a noble cause volunteer just send an email to volunteers@theroyalmarinescharity.org.uk

This week’s Charity Updates is staying here. We will be back next week with more information and news about the social causes of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity, and we’ll be waiting for you.

Please join to Ambassador Henry Cavill to be a contributor and supporter of these causes. Get Involved! The way you will help is not the most important, but your action matters. Whether through donations or publicizing the work of these institutions, the Durrell Wildlife Conservation and Trust and the Royal Marines Charity count on you to continue working for those who need help and recovery.

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