[ENG] HENRY CAVILL FACTS # 5 Dunhill Black, Henry Cavill’s perfume


Henry Cavill is known by being elegant in event ans casual in daily bases. This versality follows his rotinr, but as a good british man he has some tradicionals choices.

One of those choices is the fragance‘s been using for years now.

Cavill made part of the Dunhill (a tradicional male store) fragances advertising – Dunhill London and Dunhill Black – and declared he uses Dunhill Black since then.

You may be asking how to know a perfum without smelling it? Well, there some particularities that help us to identify it’s profile

For those who are not familiar with perfumes, we’ll present some basic concpts of them

Usually, perfumes are divided by its olfactory family or concentration (it interfere directly in how much time the sent will fix on skin). How large essence’s concentration, higher the concentration. The fragances are divided in four major categories: Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne (or Cologne), and Splash.

Eau de Parfum is the one with higher concentration of notes (ingredients) and may last until 12h on skin; Eua de Toilette have a 8h long on skin; Eau de Cologne lasts 4h to 6h and Splash has a fixation of 3h medium. This times are approximate, because several factores can chance the fragance’s fixation. Dehydrated skin, food’s habitis, medications, or for example, smoking.

Considering Brazil is a tropical country, we don’t have many concentrated fragances, usual on USA and Europe’s markets. Another point is male perfumes (usually more woody than female’s ones) has a tendency to fix more, because its composition.

Olfactory family classifys frgance type as its ingredients (notes) of perfume. It may be woody, floral, citric, eastern, aromatic, fruity, gourmant or some mixed of those categories.

To criate a fragance, brands makes concepts to the new perfume: Which story it tells? Who is gonna use it?

So, a professional is responsable to select between thousant of options, the notes to be combined in this new fragance. Then there is the development of the bottle, it must reflect the concept of it perfume. After many attempts and with the work of balance the essences done, they have the final product.

Now we understand that, we can explain Henry Cavill’s perfume: Dunhill Black.

The fragance lanched at 2008 its classified as aromatic woody. The notes chosen by it formula were:

Top Notes – those you sent just when you sprays the perfume causing the first impression: Nettle

Heart Notes or Middle – give ‘personality’ to the perfume, it’s the sent you smells 5 or 10 minutes before applies it, after alcohol evaporation – Lavender and jasmin

Back Notes – the ones that incomporates the fragance and make sure it’s fixation on skin. – Suede, Guaiac Wood and Cedar of Virginia.

This mix gives the fragance a fresh “out” but a intense “background”, which make it ideal in any ocasion. The idea was present a frangance with energy, freedom and seductive at the same time.

The bottle also remetes to this concept, present a tranparent, strong, modern and secure man

Black is the fragance to the real gentleman, its exquisite ans plesant but also full of personality and charm. Highlighs the man’s charism. Emphasizes your pure and masculine sensuality and attractiveness. It means the fragance hides in itself a unlimeted force and audaciousness in a ” elegant black suit”.

For man with strong personality, Charismatic, confident, determined, bold and naturally seductive… Henry could not have chosen better!

And as a plus to all that, we have a special gift to our readers. Portal Henry Cavill talked with Elin Hörnfeldt, the photografer who pictured Henry’s moments behind the scenes of both Dunhill’s campaigns

Ellin was too kind and sent us photos of Henry and told us about her career and how was to work with Henry. Chek out the exclusive interview given to PHCBR:

PORTAL HENRY CAVILL: What is your favorite thing to photograph?

ELIN: I love and believe in people in general, so that is what I photograph mainly. Lately I also photograph a lot of roses with my iphone! I think where I live if you can find a rose that haven’t been snapped by me you are lucky! (lol). For images in general apart from people, I love location – creating scenes that embraces a persons natural beauty and story core of the image.


PHCBR: Who is a reference to you in your job?

ELIN: No one. I always follow myself and my own heart.


PHCBR: Have you worked with Dunhill before Henry Cavill’s advertising campaign?

ELIN: No first time at Dunhill.

PHCBR: How did you participated in that campaign?

ELIN: I was their “stills photographer” – this means I photographed each scene that they were filming for the campaign capturing the moments within the scene/s.

PHCBR: Did you know Henry Cavill before you work together? How was it?

ELIN: I didn’t know him from before the shoot. My client briefed me about him and as I checked with my little sisters they knew him from his ‘The Trudors’. It was great working with him – from what I saw and interacted with him he seemed like a great person. It was a great shooting and I remember him as very nice and easy to work with from a photographers perspective.


PHCBR: There was something curious or unexpected during campaign shooting?

ELIN: Not as I can remember. The scene of the London Bridge was shot about 7am (in the morning) after a night shoot to capture the “night light”. The DUNHILL BLACK was shot “in the middle of the night”. He (Henry) was mainly focused on the scenes, talking nicely to everyone and I remember seeing him reading and rehearsing scripts for himself as well.

PHCBR: There is some photograph project you still want to accomplish? Some dream still to come?

ELIN: Yes many! To be shown soon I hope! 🙂

Thank you so much for the interview – Henry seem to have the best fans in the world! It’s nice to “meet” you all.

So, could you imagine Henry Cavill’s sent with this article? (Ok, we know that personal would be better!)

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* PHCBR once more thanks Elin Hörnfeldt for the pictures and autorization to posted them.