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We from Portal Henry Cavill are always clear about our admiration and support to the work and social causes of Henry Cavill.

This admiration came from the little we know of Henry’s trajectory. Born and raised at Jersey’s Island, he always speaks with proud of his homeland and the memories that branded his childhood.

Henry hear a lot of “nos” in his carreer and get known as the most unlucky actor of Hollywood. But he never gave up. All the negatives did not turn him a bitter or selfish person. In the other hand, every person Who have contact with him says how he is gentle, caring, focused, humorous and attentive with others.

The success he desired, could turned him in a arrogant person, but he is still just a Jersey’s guy living a regular life outside the big screen. Walking with his dog, shopping, wearing flipflop at airports or buyng Christmas’ trees.

He dislikes people getting his autograph for commercialization, but don’t care in attend his fans whom stop him at street for signs and pictures, in several daily moments.

Henry uses his fame and image to help causes in which he belives can help a lot of people.

Many people says that exposition is a consequence of a public carreer. Henry knows it, but it do not take from the basic right of being treat with respect (as he treats everybody else)

Midia releases massively Cavill’s rumors or personal moments but it usually do not make the same effort to spread his dedication with philanthropy.

What we know about Henry Cavill is he’s a man of character, respectful on every being, simple in his daily life and now has all the right to enjoy eveything he earned with persistance, dedication and hard work.

We invite you to, in place of feed non provenance rumors, help him to spread the enviroment protection cause with many partners on Brazil, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. And also The Royal Marines Charity, who raised funds in behalf of soldiers and their families after combat traumas.

Henry is the dedicated ambassador of those causes, but not everybody knows it. To the most, he is ‘only’ Superman.

Despite of – in our opinion – Cavill be the best Superman ever alongside Christopher Reeve, he doesn’t need a cape on real life. Because to us, being Henry Cavill is enough to made him a inspiring person and worthy of our respect and admiration.

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