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In interview for January issue of Germany’s GQ magazine, Henry Cavill declared that the most impressive place he has visited already was the Himalayas.

In Adolescence, Cavill participated of an excursion in Easter, to Annapurna anctuary

What’s the most beautiful place you have already traveled?
This is difficult to answer… Rome is a beautiful city. And Pulpit Rock in Norway, where we shot Mission Impossible: Fallout, was breathtaking. But the Himalayas were certainly, most spetacular. There I was as teenager. We were at Annapurna Sanctuary to Basecamp. One of most beautiful memories of my youth.

Why, as teenager, did you created the idea of travel to Himalaya?
That was a trip my School organized during Easter Holidays. My parents worked very hard for me to participate. That’s why I’ll be eternally grateful to them! And for everything else, of course. If I have children, I will allow them a trip of that too.

Remembering the Geography lessons, the Homalayas are a mountain range considered the biggest mountain chain in the world.

The Himalaya’s name comes from Sanskrit and means “snow abode”.

Situated in northeastern Asia, it has estimated extension of 2.500km, and between 150 to 400km of wide and has present territories in China, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bhutan and Nepal.

Your highest point is the Everst Mount – known as “the roof of the world” – with 8848 meters of altitude, having their recognized ridge as the border between China and Nepal. After him, the also famous K2, with 8611 meters of altitude.

The Himalayan weather, affected by high levels, has low temperature and snow throughout the year.

The Himalaya attract many of alpinists who risk climbing their mountains. There are several ski station in Idian Himalayas, wich in colonial period were installed by english. In summer the trails attract the turists to the lower mountains.

The local cited by Cavill in a interview, the Annapurna Base Camp, has a 360 degrees view that includes the mountains Annapurna I (8.091m) & III (7.555m), Machhapuchhare (6.993m), Varhha Shikar (7.647m), Khansar Kang (7.485m) and numerous others peaks that look “a snow and ice screen”.

The Base Camp is known worldwide as “Annapurna Sancturary”, na oval-shaped plateau, with an alttude above 4000 meters completely sorrounded to mountains, most them with over 7000 meters.

About his adolescence, Henry still claimed in same interview. “I was incredibly active in my youth. I was not necessarily an athlete. But my love for physical activity help me a lot in my career”.

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