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Sábado dia 5 de Maio é o aniversário de Henry Cavill! E o Portal está preparando uma grande festa para esse dia. Se junte a celebração usando um dos avatares comemorativos q preparamos para você em suas redes sociais e não se esqueça de usar a # #HappyBirthdayHenryCavill.

Nosso Superman merece!

Saturday, May 5th, is Henry Cavill’s birthday! And the Portal is preparing a great party for that day. Join the celebration using one of the celebratory avatars we have prepared for you on your social networks and be sure to use the #HappyBirthdayHenryCavill.

Our Superman deserves it!

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Versão quadrada / Square version:

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

Versão redonda / Round version:

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

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  • maio 3, 2018 em 6:25 am

    Ola Henry! I would just like to give you a simple gift … it’s nothing compared to all the gifts you’ll have today, but this gift of mine is something special for me .. it’s something that can’t be unwrap as a normal gift, but it can’t even be lost … or left forgotten in your basement … my gift is just what a fan feel for her idol …. Only words … sincere words that come from the bottom of heart … but as told to a poet: What is said flies away with the wind … instead what is written can live forever … like an old song … my favorite song. : ((((Life gives someone unforgettable moments … to someone more … someone less … but the real magic behind these moments … what makes them really important and special is the possibility to share them with someone else … small or large that they are … and by magic what was normal becomes extraordinary … what was faded suddenly takes all the colors of the rainbow … what was simple, becomes pure poetry .. and time takes life …)))) I just want on this special day … you know how important you are, not only for your undeniable beauty … but also for your kindness, goodness of soul, dedication and passion that you put into everything you do. Thank you so much for color every day,,the lifes of your fans and for being an example of humility and generosity. Happy birthday … and that the universe gives you back all that love. Be happy , don’t allow that no one or anything can change your awesome way of being … and remember that we your loyal fans will support you forever because you’re the most handsome & adorable big fluffy teddy bear with blue eyes of whole world😍👏🏽🎂


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