Henry Cavill attends the Durrell Challenge 2017, a very successfull event


Last May,14, it happened, in Jersey, the 2017 edition of The Durrell Challenge.

Counting with the presence of Henry Cavill, ambasador of Durrell, the day started with a 13km race starting of Jersey’s town to Jersey Zoo (Durrell Park) and after, it continued all day with activities for the intire family in the park, music, food, animal interaction, lottery and more.

Henry Cavill has a special care on Durrell’s Zoo, a place he met in his childhood and whre here discovered his passion by animals, species’ preservation importance and the impact that they have in the world biosystem.

In preparation, the actor trainned a lot, starting slowly (because a knee injure), than with light runnings to fit himself without a injuring risk. Henry shared with his followers many training moments and used it to invite everyone to join him.

At Sunday 14, he arrived at face with #TeamCavill, made by his brothers Nik and Charlie, friends and coworks of Garcia Companies, his management agency.

With 500+ runners with him, Cavill looked smiling and excited during the path, just enjoying with everyone there. He didn’t have any use for his superspeed, instead used the race to kill the longing of the Island – his homeland, and enjoy the moment.

First to complete the trial, James Faudemer, Jersey, did it in 47m59seg.

#TeamCavill completed the face in 1h32m of jokes and laughts, being Henry the last one to cross the final line (410º), since vê “helped” his brother Nik through the last Meyers by carrying him in his back.

Besides his partcipation in the 13k, Henry conceded several interviews to the present press. He talked about his background with Durrell, his admiration and respect by the conservation work they do and his commitement as ambassador of this cause.

Cavill told his Last visit to the Island was in the last Durrell Challenge and that always feel special to come back home. For being in the middle of shooting his current project, Mission Impossível 6, his staying would be short. Henry declared his deep appreciation on fans’ love and thanks all Birthday messages be receved a Week before the event.

On his newest mate – the mustache – Henry said sometimes forget about it. He was very glad about the kid’s presence on the Parkand thanks everyone who participanted, in Jersey or with online donations throught JustGiving accounts. Was raised £5.228, getting the £3.000 roof away.

ll raised will to the Durrell Conservation founds and invest in Jersey Zoo, research and monitaring of species, classes and preservation projects around the world, including Brazil.

Along the race and interwiews, Henry participared on a coketel, recved fans, set hot dog, was kind as usual and riffled tickets where the winners could get a invitation on Justice League premiere, adopting aPloughshare tortoise, or wear a Cavill Conservation cotton coat.

Kat, his dog and everytime hour partner was also there.

In its social medias, Durrell thanks everybody’s support and presence:


The event success is merit of the good will and compromentement on everyone involved with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust work. It’s inspiring job is really importantand count on Henry’s dedication in support this beautiful legacy of Gerald Durrell

We can’t wait for Durrell Challenge 2018!

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To support Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and know more about its projects: www.durrell.org e www.cavillconservation.com