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As an ambassador of serious social and environmental causes, the actor Henry Cavill announces the events and campaigns of Durrell Conservation and the Royal Marines Charity, to help donation raise that are reverted to various projects.

The main highlights of these works, in this week, you remember now:

The week began with the commemoration of Mother’s Day in the UK, (03/26). As one of Durrell Wildlife Conservation’s main activities is to ensure the preservation of species – including programs for the assisted reproduction of endangered species – there are many proud moms in the park.

In a very cute publication @DurrellWildlife showed some pictures of these moms, and emphasis on Claudia, Ben’s bat mother, who was adopted by Henry Cavill, and other animals get their safety and care guaranteed with the donations made to Durrell’s campaigns.

Afterward, the Durrell Challenge page invited everyone to send pictures of superhero costumes to hold a prize draw that will pick the “face” of the Superhero Tour at the Durrell Challenge event (has the confirmed presence of Henry Cavill May 14).

“We are inviting all children to team up with a couple of friends, dress up in their favourite superhero costumes, and send in a fun photo of themselves to become the face of the newest element of the Durrell Challenge – the Superhero Stroll. Entries should be of at least 2MB and should be sent to info@doitfordurrell.com no later than Wednesday 5th April when the winning image will be chosen.”

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Durrell Conservation also unveiled the Endangered Species Recovery (ESR)’s Course, a two-week introduction to the issues and practical skills involved in saving endangered species, which will be held from July 24 to August 4, 2017 in the Durrell Conservation Academy in Jersey.

For more information, to visit the website: www.durrell.org/training/courses/endangered-species-recovery

Anyway, to finish this week’s main activities Durrell, a video was published with Gabriela Rezende, graduated from the DESMAN course of Durrell Academy. Gabriela is the Coordinator of the Tamarin Black Mico Conservation Program, by the Instituto IPE (Ecological Research Institute) in Brazil.

Longtime partners, Durrell and the IPE Institute work for the preservation of the Atlantic Forest and several endangered species that inhabit the Atlantic forest. We have already talked a little about this work and about the their project on the PHCBR website.

Learn more about Durrell’s work and donate go to: www.durrell.org


The Royal Marines social networks also started this week honoring Mother’s Day.

The highlight on social networks was the performance of the Corporation Band – The Royal Marine Band – in the Mountbatten Music Festival.

The Royal Marineswished good luck and encouraged the Marines who participated in the United Kingdom Armed Forces Boxing Championship Final on Thursday 30th.

On the Twitter page, @theRMcharity, the Commando Mindset issued a statement inviting everyone to read the report Royal Marines Charity Impact Report 2016, showing how the support for the RM Charity  impacts on stakeholders.

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On the twitter page, the Commando Mindset issued a statement inviting everyone to read the report Royal Marines Charity Impact Report 2016, showing how the support for the RM Charity  impacts on stakeholders.

“We are the Royal Marines’ own Charity and are uniquely placed to understand, respond and react, enabling Marines and their families to overcome their challenges including life changing injury, life limiting illness, mental disability, transition to civilian life and even poverty. We can target your support across every need to ensure no one is left behind. The Royal Marines Charity Impact Report 2016 demonstrates the breadth of support that the Charity have been able to give thanks to support from people like you. The Royal Marines Charity exists to help the entire Royal Marines family. We are strong believers in once a Marine, always a Marine. We offer a range of services to both serving and veterans. From grants to wounded and sick, support to veterans through the Royal Marines Association to transition and career advice to injured Royal Marines who are leaving the Corps, The Royal Marines Charity has the widest purposes of any military charity.” 

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Henry Cavill knows this closely reality and has the great admiration and the respect for the military career, he can always help in this type of social projects.  Help you too.


To download the Royal Marine Charity Impact Report for 2016, visit: theroyalmarinescharity.org.uk/news/support-that-leaves-no-one-behind/

To donate to Charity and support the Royal Marines, visit:  theroyalmarinescharity.org.uk/events-fundraising/donate/


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