HENRY CAVILL FACTS #9 | Def Leppard, one of Henry Cavill favorite bands


Henry Cavill has already stated in interviews some songs and artists he likes to listen to, and one of them is the band Def Leppard, which performed last September 21st at Rock in Rio.

The name was Deaf Leopard but was changed to Def Leppard and the band that has Phil Collen and Vivvian Campbell (guitars), Joe Elliott (lead singer), Rick Allen (drummer), Rick Savage (bass), was formed in Sheffield, England , in 1977.

His first album On Throough the Night was released in 1980 and with it the band reached the top of the British charts and began performing and opening shows for bands like AC / DC where they met producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange, who worked with them on their next album, High ‘n’ Dry, from 1981.

With the album Pyromania, from 1983, the band has achieved success and visibility around the world. Research has indicated that Def Leppard was the most popular band in the United States and in England, and the music video for the song “Photograph” – a theme song dedicated to Marilyn Monroe – has become the most requested on MTV, beating Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”

The band was invited to participate in the first edition of Rock in Rio in 1985, but refused to be in the studio recording the album that would be the biggest success of their career and that is completing 30 years, Hysteria. But at the end of 1984, drummer Rick Allen is in a car accident and his left arm is amputated.

With that the band was four years away. Rick Allen returned the recordings with a special drum where the rhythm controls are all on the feet. When he released Hysteria in 1987, the band recorded no fewer than 7 hits at the top of the charts (“Armageddon It”, “Animal”, “Women”, “Hysteria”, “Love Bites” and “Pour Some Sugar on Me “) and sold more than 20 million copies.

In Brazil, Yahoo recorded in 1988 a Portuguese version of the hit Love Bites, which was very successful.

Def Leppard still had some tough times. In 1991, his guitarist Steve Clark died due to problems of alcoholism and in 2013, his replacement declared to face a cancer.

After that came other albums like Adrenalize, (1992), a compilation in 1995: Vault: Def Leppard’s Greatest Hits, and its last disc was released in 2015. Mixing hard rock, pop and heavy metal, the sound of Def Leppard always was, at least original and the band consecrated like one of the majors bands in the movement New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

Check Def Leppard Discography:

»» On Through the Night- 1980
»» High ‘n’ Dry- 1981
»» Pyromania- 1983
»» Hysteria- 1987
»» Adrenalize- 1992
»» Slang- 1996
»» Euphoria- 1999
»» X- 2002
»» Yeah!- 2006 (álbum somente com covers)
»» Songs from the Sparkle Lounge- 2008
»» Def Leppard- 2015

But then, after 32 years, the band comes “pay the debt” with Brasil, and finally perform on the world stage of Rock in Rio. The show that happened on September 21, brought a setlist loaded with great classics and some newer sounds.

Joe Elliott was nice and risked a few words in Portuguese for the audience at the festival and the band lavished smiles and lots of energy on stage. After the show, Phil Collen – who strolled through Rio de Janeiro and posted a photo, shared on Twitter of the band – celebrated the premiere in an interview for the Multishow. “We loved it, it’s finally a pleasure to be here after so many years. Obviously, we will come back. “

Rock in Rio setlist:
»» Let’s Go
»» Animal
»» Let it Go
»» Love Bites
»» Armageddon It
»» Man Enugh
»» Rocket
»» Bringin’ on the Heartbreak
»» Switch 625
»» Hysteria (seguida de citação de Heroes de David Bowie)
»» Let’s Get Rocked
»» Pour Some Suggar On Me
»» Rock of Ages
»» Photograph

Phil Collen in Sao Paulo, after Def Leppard concert in Rio, before their performance in Sampa.

What song does Henry like the most? And you, did you watch the Rock in Rio show?

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