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The , (publication of Jersey), issued a brief interview with Henry Cavill, where the actor has the places they like in their homeland.
As few people know Jersey, we’ll start talking a little about the island.
Where it is: Jersey is the name of an island in the English Channel who, along with Guernsey, form the Channel Islands, a dependency of the British Crown is not part of the UK. The closest land is France, east and south, and Guernsey, northwest.


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History: The islands came under Viking influence in the ninth century and were part of the Duchy of Normandy between 933 and 1066, when they were annexed to Britain in the reign of William – the Conqueror. Since then, due to its strategic location, it has always been linked to England.
 Jersey Island. Source: site
Politics: Jersey is a dependency of the British crown deposits authority in a governor mixed, chamber president and sheriff called bailiff (bailiff). The territory has a total area of 116km².
Languages: English and French are the two official languages ​​of Jersey.Portuguese is frequently found on the island, especially on notices in phone booths, and through the use of migrant workers and their descendants coming from Portugal.
Economy: Jersey is considered a tax haven. In addition to the tourism activity of banks is another great impulse to the local economy. The main agricultural products are potatoes and dairy products. Jersey has a cattle breed small.Farmers and breeders often sell surplus food and flowers in some booths on the road side.
In the interview, Henry said: “(Jersey) holds a special magic for me is the smell of the sea when I leave the plane or the cry of seagulls or Jersey cows field or his incredible story. The place has such a special place in my heart that it’s hard to say what it is exactly what I love about him. “
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Henry also tells of some preferred places as:
The castle Mont Orgueil (since he loves history).

The beach Beauport (where he says that always used to go to barbecues with family).
Beauport Beach. Source: site
And Durrell Worldlife Park (which began as a zoo that protects endangered animals and now has Cavill as its ambassador).
A few moments of Henry Cavill in your home – Jersey:


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