Interview: Meet the lucky fan who will take a glass of champagne with Henry Cavill

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The Portal Henry Cavill BR spoke exclusively with Christina Boyd, the happy winner in the Omaze and Henry Cavill campaign – for the Royal Marines Charity, for which Henry is ambassador – and she talked a little about the joy of receiving the News and the expectation of meeting the actor.

Cristina will travel to London with her husband and will find Henry Cavill at the Coca-Cola London Eye for a toast and a chat. And all this was possible because she has donate $ 50 that will be reverted to the Royal Marines Charity.

Firstly, the Portal Henry Cavill BR asked Christina to tell us a little more about her, her profession and some curiosities.


Christina: I live in the Pacific Northwest, about 5 miles from Canada. I am a copy and developmental book editor in historical romance specifically Jane Austen-inspired fiction. I also make over a thousand salmon ceramic platters per year for the Made in Washington stores under my own banner, Stir Crazy Mama’s Artworks. I’m married and have two busy teenagers. I like to ski, hike, stand-up paddle board, travel, read, kayak, canoe, Facebook, and photography.

PHCBR: For how long do you keep up with Henry Cavill’s carrer and what made you become his fan?

Christina: I follow Henry Cavill’s career via his social media as well as fan sites. I first fell for him as my Lord Suffolk in “The Tudors”! He has a great smile, beautiful jawline, and is an accomplished actor. I admire how he uses his celebrity for good. And he seems like such a regular guy–totally unpretentious.

PHCBR: How do you knew about Royal Marines Charity, it was through Henry, or you had other connection with the cause?

Christina: I learned about this Omaze event with Henry Cavill via a fansite tweet.

PHCBR: Is it the first time that you participate of campaign like that? Did you imagine yourself winning or was it a total surprise?

Christina: I made an Omaze donation for another Henry Cavill experience –the Superman helicopter ride– but didn’t win. I also support his fundraising for Durrell via his Cavill Conservation efforts.

Of course, winning this Omaze experience was a surprise. But like everyone else who entered, I hoped, prayed, dreamed I’d be randomly picked!

PHCBR: Tell us how was the moment that you received the news and the impact for you.

Christina: When Omaze asked me during a FaceTime interview, I thought it was just more screening questions–part of finalist background check (my friends and I joked it was a psyche-evaluation) –when they asked, “What would you say if YOU won?” I stared back, actually in thought…when they said, “Because you did!” I nearly fell out of my desk chair. On the Omaze video, I said, “We’re not having an earthquake. That’s just me shaking.” I’m still walking around in a dream. If it’s a dream–DO NOT wake me!

PHCBR: Did you already packed your bags? When is the meeting?

Christina: I don’t know when the event is yet. Omaze is working out the details with Henry Cavill. But I’m just ecstatic to know I’m going.

PHCBR: You’ll take your husband with you, what is his expectation to meet Henry Cavill?

Christina: My dear MrB is a fan of Henry Cavill. Not like me but he goes to all his movies with me. And he did google him last night for “research”–bless his heart! I’ve kidded for years how Henry Cavill is my “book boyfriend” and I expect my husband wonders now if I’m just teasing or not.

PHCBR: How do you imagine that will be your conversation with Henry Cavill? What do you expect from that meeting?

Christina: I can’t imagine how the conversation will go. I’m sure he’ll be gracious and I’ll try to make coherent sentences. I don’t doubt it will be an out-of-body experience. Just thinking about it, makes me light-headed. Swoonworthy, indeed. I hope to talk like an adult about my latest editing project, “The Darcy Monologues” as Henry Cavill is always my Mr Darcy in my books.

PHCBR: And for the so expected gift, the choice is champagne or beer?

Christina: I’ll have champagne. I’m sure my dear MrB will likely have a pint with MrCavill.

PHCBR: What you can say for people that don’t believe on the “lucky” to realize their dreams?

Christina: I have had an Omaze-ing experience thus far–and I haven’t even left yet. I am a firm believer in putting positive energy and a “vision” out into the universe if you want to make something happen. And in this case, you gotta play to win! (In real life: hard work and effort and a little bit of luck…to make your dream a reality.) I’m always a dreamer! A big dreamer!

PHCBR: What do you have to say to Henry’s fans and readers of the Portal Henry Cavill BR?

Christina: To the fans at Portal Henry Cavill BR: “Obrigado” for all your positive thoughts and well wishes! Dreams do come true. Thank you so much for having me at your site and sharing in my excitement.


Thank you for the interview Christina, we wish you a great trip and a wonderful day in London with Henry Cavill.

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  • janeiro 21, 2017 em 10:27 pm

    Thank you for sharing in the excitement. I’m thrilled for the opportunity to meet Henry Cavill in London–dreams do come true. And I am ever mindful of the great cause of this Omaze experience, The Royal Marines Charity. Obrigado, Brasil fans!


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