Jason Momoa guarantees that Henry Cavill is still Superman


In early September, the Hollywood News Reporter reported that due to scheduling issues, Henry Cavill was unable to film his Superman scenes in the Shazam movie, and so his participation in other DC projects was also canceled.
Cavill’s agente, Dani Garcia, denied the rumor claiming that “the cape remains in Henry’s closet”.

‘’Be peaceful, the cape is still in his closet. @wbpictures has been and continues to be our partners as they evolve the DC Universe. Anticipate a WB statement later today. ’’
The Hollywood Reporter also issued a statement from WarnerBros, saying their relationship with Cavill remains OK.

Only after that nothing more was talked about a new movie with Henry Cavill wearing the famous S in his chest, and the fans are in the expectation.
This week however, during the premiere of the Aquaman movie, actor Jason Momoa calmed the hearts of Cavill fans. He said that he will not stop being our Superman!

Who also was happy raises the hand.

All we have to do is wait for 2019 to bring good news and a date for a sequel of Man of Steel with Cavill.

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