KENT PLANET #2 | Superman fans once again suffering with rumors


Superman fans woke up to the rumor that Henry Cavill had hung up his cape and would no longer be DC Superman in theaters. Soon the internet was invaded by afflicted fans seeking an explanation, a positioning. Henry Cavill and Superman were the most talked about subjects on all social network. Hashtags demanding that Henry stays as Superman, fans threatening to abandon forever the DC universe in theaters. However, we must never forget that Superman represents hope and soon it came through Dany Garcia, Henry Cavill’s businesswoman. Calming fans saying that the cape was still in his closet and shortly after Warner herself warned that the relationship with Cavill remained the same and nothing had changed. However the day was not over yet and DC’s fans and Superman were surprised by a fun video from our Superman wearing a T-shirt with the word Krypton and an action figure of the hero. The life of a DC fan is not easy, an eternal roller coaster of feelings. Now the fans continues requests for the long-awaited sequel to The Man of Steel with Henry Cavill once again sporting the S on his chest.

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Using Henry’s own words on his official Instagram account: ”The day was exciting.” This whole hurricane that knocked over the internet only served to prove that Henry Cavill is our Superman and that the fans approve him and really want another solo movie of the one who is the first and greatest heroes of all. The campaign for Man of Steel 2 is still alive and now with more force. If Warner believes in popular sayings they must have learned today that: ” The voice of the people is the voice of God.”

The audience’s voice today sounded louder on the internet and must have echoed in the Warner’s corridors and what was heard were the fans standing next to our Super Cavill. We are still waiting for news and always waiting for sooner or later a new Superman solo film starring Henry Cavill.


Erica Moura

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