KP | Henry Cavill and all his characters in DC Universe

Besides living the Superman / Kal-El / Clark kent as his “official” DC character in theaters, Henry Cavill has already inspired and honored other comic book names.

The British actor does not hide being a fan of reading HQs and geek universe.

We have already said that for his last work – Mission: Impossible Fallout – Cavill thought about the look and characterization of August Walker, as the CIA agent Elias Orr.

In an interview with Empire Magazine Henry said: “I showed to Chris McQuarrie a part of art from my favorite Superman HQ, ‘Absulote Superman for Tomorrow’. It was based on one of its characters, Elias Orr, a character kind of CIA who is in the middle of all stories but is not necessarily a villain or good guy. It was from there, the visual began to appear”.

he result of this, everyone knows. The mustache – or KingMoustache / #Kingstache – took over the movie and the Cavill’s life, significantly and unforgettable. 🧔🏻

But it wasn’t only the look a DC character entered the film. In one of most adrenaline scenes of MI6, August Walker played a classic tune from Tommy Lee Jones (in Batman Forever), as villain Two faces, for Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise): “Why can’t you just die!”

Only coincidence?… Probably not. Had you taken that reference?

In addition, Henry also closely follows the other DCEU film productions and his superheroes colleagues.

Is or isn’t the best Superman?

Nowadays Henry is in Hungary, in the production of his new work: the series The Witcher, by Netflix, where he interprets the wizard Geralt of Rivia. If we’ll see any more reference there, we have to wait.

There is no information about Henry’s new appearances as the Man of Steel
or another DC character, but we are hoping to see him – coming soon – with the red cape again.

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