KP | Parallels between Man of Steel and Aquaman in DCEU

If you did not watch Aquaman, still on view in the theaters and has already surpassed the mark of U$ 1 billion in box office around the world, we inform you this text contains SPOILERS.

The Man of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder, was released in 2013 bringing Henry Cavill in the role of Superman.

The movie was the first of DCEU and marked a new approach in the presentation of the most iconic superhero of all the time.

The man of Steel served as starting point too for the exhibition of the others DC heroes (whether in films in who they join to work as in Batman vs Superman and Justice League, as well as also in solo movies), and this case Aquaman is the great example.

Aquaman is directed by James Wan and brings Jason Momoa as the King of the oceans, the feature movie has executive production of Zack Snyder.

Perhaps, therefore, there are many parallels between both productions. Some scenes from Jason Momoa’s film, released in trailers relate to scenes from Man of Steel.

From moments as Kal-El and Arthur Cury in the arms of their mothers and children yet, passing to confrontations with the villains of each story, and the moment which both assume their legacies to save the world, the pictures show the mastery relating the characters on big

The DC Universe really is connected in the stories, which raises expectation about new productions – like Shazam, with Zachary Lavi, who release in coming months.

There are rumors that Superman Henry Cavill would appear in a scene from the film, but there is no confirmation.

There is also no information about a long-awaited follow up to The Man of Steel, with Henry Cavill.
What is known is as long as the DC’s heroes continue to tell their stories in cinemas, it will always be there in some form, the hope that Superman symbolizes and their importance in the pop culture.

We are curious, tell us what you think of the parallels of this vídeo and if you found any more that is not there.

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