KP | Lots of rumors involving Henry Cavill’s Superman

Recently everything on the web about a new appearance of Henry Cavill’s Superman in theaters has been rumored and rumored.


The most recent ones point to a possible participation of Superman in a post-credits scene of Shazam!, which debuts in theaters in Brazil on April 4. But if this scene was filmed with Cavill, not even the news sites – that spread the rumors – are in agreement.

According to journalist Jim Viscardi of the Comic Book Nation podcast, if Henry Cavill’s “contractual situation” with WarnerBros is resolved in time, the actor who shot a scene for Shazam!, may appear on the film.

The scene would show young Billy Batson going to school in his form of Shazam !, so that his adoptive brother, Freddie Freeman, can prove to everyone that he knows the hero. The Shazam! still would appear with a surprise: would bring the Superman to meet the children.

Other sites like We Got This Cover say that if this “situation” with Henry is not resolved, the Kryptonian superhero will be shown in the film only on his back with a body double.

The director and producer of Shazam! – David F. Sandberg and Peter Safran, respectively – were asked during a presentation at the Television Critics Association about Superman’s appearance on the feature film and the director’s response was:

“The focus has always been the story of Shazam! He is the center of everything. We have fun with the elements around him, but all we have of importance in the movie is about Shazam!.It’s origin is large enough and deserved it. When the audience watches, you’ll notice […]. When DC makes a movie [with Shazam! and Superman] will be awesome! Definitely everyone will want to see. “


According to a Forbes publication, in addition to Cavill not having filmed any scenes for Shazam !, the projects related to Superman were shelved at the moment. WarnerBros would be focused on the introduction and development of Supergirl in the DC Universe:

“Superman has been shelved for now, being a temporary measure to let Supergirl shine in the spotlight and carry the Krypton flag for a while on the big screen as Worlds of DC continue to evolve and solidify on the way ahead.”


No confirmed plans for new Henry Cavill movies such as Superman, Warner and DC leave Kryptonian fans with no prospect of good news on the horizon.

Rumors that Cavill was making demands to return to the role were denied by Collider  who spoke to Henry’s team: (Read)

“We got in touch with Cavill’s team and they vehemently denied this rumor. There is no truth in this. Cavill has made no demands to return to the role”. 

While no official statement is made regarding this situation, the films confirmed and/or scheduled for release by Warner Bros and DC are:

Shazam!, Joker, Wonder Woman 1984, Birds of Pray, Suicide Squad, The Batman, Batgirl, Aquaman 2, New Gods and Green Lantern Corps.

*In an interview on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, Ben Affleck confirmed that he really left the role of the batman in theaters:

“Yes, I did. I decided – I tried to direct a version of this movie. I worked with a great screenwriter, but I could not create a version. Did not work. So I thought it was time to let someone have the chance and they have great people”.

It has not yet been announced who will be the new interpreter of Batman in theaters, but the film already has scheduled premiere in theaters for June 25, 2021.

Let’s hope we get good news of Henry Cavill in a new Superman movie soon.

Meanwhile, follow the Kent Planet from PHC to know all about Superman and Henry Cavill.


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