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A Different Itinerary for Henry Cavill in Brazil

When actor Henry Cavill posted on his social medias an Alex Ross’ art with Superman in Rio de Janeiro and said that Brazil brings him good memories and that would like to come back – talking even about Carnaval – we from PHCBR thought: “We hope that he really comes back, and can see more places from our country and know our culture. We would love to suggest a tour for him!”

In 2015, when Henry was in Brazil for the movie “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” release, he only met Rio and his visit was brief. Knowing that Henry is a simple person, that loves sports and meet different people and places, we had the ideia to do some suggestions, in case he can stay a little more time in brazilian lands.

We divided the indications in categorys and with that was born Meet Brazil – Best Travel Destinations for Henry Cavill, that were separated on five editions.

On the first report – as we know that he likes – we will give some tips for Henry Cavill practice sports and more radical activities. How Brazil has a big territory, of course that a lot of good options won’t fill here, but you can include them in the comments.

Adventure tourism for Henry Cavill in Brazil

Henry, since you mentioned Rio de Janeiro, we will start with Região dos Lagos near to the capital of the state, and suggest some activities like surfing and diving.

With crystalline water, and exuberant marine life, beautiful corals and more than thirty shipwrecks in its extension, Arraial do Cabo (RJ), has as principal points for diving the Gruta Azul and the Ilha dos Franceses. Boat and schooner rides are obligatory for who goes to Arraial for the first time. And in the neighbor Cabo Frio, there are great beaches to surf and to risk on the stand up paddle.

In Búzios you can fly a little bit, but to keep your secret identity Clark, we recommend that  do as the local tourists and go from the Morro das Emerências, where you can have a paronamic view from all Búzios peninsula.

Obviously that if we are talking about diving, Fernando de Noronha island – in the Pernambuco state – can’t stay outside. One of the destinations more desired for brazilians, Noronha has 26km2 with the visibility of the waters of 2 meters, and on divings is possible to find turtles, stingrays, lots of fish species and even sharks. (You better get some tips from your friend Aquaman in this case).

The archipelagos also is a great scenario to pedal or explore nature through the trails. For you that participates of Commando Challenges paths, can be relaxed, it will be easy Noronha’s trails.

In the inside of São Paulo’s state, we invite you to meet PETAR (Parque Estadual Turístico do Alto Ribeira), located between the cities of Aipiaí and Iporanga and is considered one of more conservations units. It shelters the biggest part of the Atlantic Forest preserved in Brazil and more than 300 caves. It is considered today patrimony of humanity, recognized by UNESCO.

Abseiling inside and outside caves, tyrolean, trekking, climbing, cascading, canyoning, adventure run, rafting and the acqua ride, there’s no way to stand still.

The park tells that the Acqua Ride, was born in PETAR: “It was born in the beginning of decade 80. With explorers that utilizes cameras of “fuscas or trucks tires” to take their equipment (photographic camera, carbide and dry clothes), to inside of the caves. Until one day a group of friends decided to follow the waters of Betari River, that goes through Núcleo de Santana, until the neighborhood. Well, why to go walking? It’s only lie on the floats and let the river take you. Since then, everyone who goes to PETAR wants to do the same. And then was born this sport. (Recognize by the Associação Brasileira de Esportes Aquáticos and for Associacao Brasileira de Acqua Ride – ABAR).”

The visit to the Caverna do Diabo, the most know from the park, it’s essencial to close the day at PETAR. We know that you have a friend with big experience on caves, but we guarantee that that one isn’t so dark.

In Tocantins state, north of the country, we suggest a visit to the Parque Estadual do Jalapão. You can camp there and hire a “safari” to explore the local beauties: crystalline waterfalls, “chapadões”, saws with savannah climate, cerrado view, impressive rock formations and orange dunes with 40 meters tall.

And as we know that all those activities can let anyone tired, to relax and fill the battery for more Brazil destinations, we finalize this adventure with a ballon ride.

You won’t need a red cape Henry, and you can drink a champagne or make a picnic appreciating the view, floating 500 meters from the ground.

The majority of the rides go off from São Paulo’s inside, in Sorocaba, Piracicaba, São Paulo and Boituva cities, but there are options in Chapada dos Veadeiros, in the state of Goiás, and also some pilots that fly above Rio and the north region of the country.

Keep up with Portal Henry Cavill BR to know others itinerarys indicated, on the next editions of #MeetBrazil , and know everything about the actor Henry Cavill.

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