MEET JERSEY II #2: Memories of Military History in Jersey


Henry Cavill, born in Jersey, has been declared himself as a “frustrated military”. He claims he would probably follow military career if he was not a successful actor, as he is now.

Joinning the military presence in his family, some places in the Island may have influence in his admiration. This edition of ‘Meet Jersey’ will show them now.

Jersey had a strategic location as a defense port through the History.

Now, during peaceful times, this constructions have been open to public visitation and as a local of memory of the soldiers who lived and  fought there and Jersey’s History.

One of those important scenarios is Grève de Lecq Barracks, a old quarter builded in 1810, after French invasion.

“In 1779 become very clear Frenchs wore making plans to invade Jersey. With half of it’s forces landing in Grève de Lecq, some measures were taken to defende the bay. In a straight response to a possible invasion of napoleon army, defenses were reinforced by the begginnin of 19th century. This defenses required lots of men and next the construction of Grève de Lecq Barracks, started at 1810. The quarters were projected to support to 250 soldiers parked in the Island and were inner part of defensive strategy of north coast”

Nowadays, the build holds the cells used as prison back at time of conflict, the main rooms, storage, bathrooms, stables and munition stores, a rock memory of how soldiers lived at 19th.

Also, now quarter has National Trusts’ gift shop and a Wildlife Interpretation Center showing of Jersey’s natural flora and fauna.

Another defense spot currently open to visitation is L’Etacquerel Fort, at North coast. Builded of granite during the 19th at Bouley Bay, todays Jersey Nacional Park.

It can be accessed throught a drawbridge. Divides in two levels, property has huge inner space, with terrace and a beautiful view.

Fort Leicester is another imposing construction also sited at Jersey Nacional Park. The 16th’s fort has three levels, garden and private terraces.

Builded to hold havy army, it keeped weapons and cannons, deeply valued in the Island’s defense plans. It had military guard until 1836 when it was rebuilded and considered no longer useful.

Now, interns áreas hás been converted in rooms, bathrooms and kitchens done by germane forces during ith occupation in WW2. There is aldo a terrace perfect to watch pier movimentation.

“One of most peculiar caracteristics of Fort Leicester is it embedded on rock and, so, it was builded in three different levels requiring the hosts moved to outside in each others rooms. If you are lucky, you be able to see lizards taking sunbath in the walls”

It’s a very attractive área for tourists not only to stay in Leicester but Also the severals restaurants and divings classes at Bauley bay. And Kempt Tower and Radio Tower, two former military constructions available to rent.

Restaured at 2014, the Tower hosts to 12 persons, with a 360º terrace, getting close to restaurants, surf schools, natural reserves and all the others beatys in the Island.

Radio Tower was builded during WW2 by germane forces. In 1976 were torned at a radio staion to monitored English Channel.

Sitted in a Cliff, with view to Corbière (builded at 1873, os the firt visible mark to whom get to England), tower has6 floors and a picturesque arquitecture.

“Restaured in Bahaus style, hás a stairs in the Center os the building thats takes to the 6th level. Original features of the building include observation slits on the sea side and steel doors on the ground floor.”

Three floors are destinated to hosts, dubble rooms and bathrooms. 4th floor has a modern kitchen and a adicional bath.

Terrace has a360º  observation point.

Those are only a few sopts that tells the rich History of the Island. Places where you can adventure yourself, spend time with family, enjoyn a beautiful view and learning more about Jersey.

>> Portal Henry Cavill’s Meet Jersey.

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