Meet Jersey II #4 | A wealth of cultural options to visit in Jersey


Jersey, the island that is home to actor Henry Cavill – in addition to its exuberant beauty – has a rich cultural program available to its residents and tourists who visit it.

In this issue of Meet Jersey, we list some of these options:

It is the largest gallery of exhibits and works, of local artists and craftsmen of Jersey.

In addition to the exhibitions, the gallery also hosts workshops and the sale of articles from more than 100 artists in the region.

Check out the gallery schedule or go to the online store at

This theater in Jersey was inaugurated in 1983 and is the stage for several shows, workshops and events on the island.

There is CafeJac, where you can book a table to savor coffees and snacks while watching a movie at the Silent Cinema Movie.

Another must-see on the island is the Opera House.

The house houses the biggest shows on the island, comedies, musicals, dance shows, drama and children’s shows.

The old Royal Theater suffered three fires in its history, one in 1863, another in 1899. On July 9, 1900, after a reconstruction by The Channel Islands Entertainment Co. Ltd., it resumed its activities. In 1921 came the third fire, and in 1922, underwent a new restoration. It was transformed into cinema in 1931 and even served as a distraction for the German troops that occupied the island in the period of war.

Today with its diversity of programming, the house stands out in the entertainment of the island.

For those in love with cars and speed, a great request is The Mansell Collection, Museum dedicated to the pilot of Formula 1 Nigel Mansell.

In it visitors can find the history of one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers and objects such as clothes, trophies, a souvenir shop, autographed photos and of course, cars.

Mansell, also known as Lion, was Formula 1 world champion in 1992 and Formula Indy in 1993. In a form considered aggressive in the direction, he was known to have his car broken or injured at decisive moments in some of his Racing.

In his career, he was pilot of the main teams: Lotus, Williams, Ferrari, McLaren and Jordan.

Nigel was one of the main rivals of the Brazilian Ayrton Senna on the tracks, starring historical moments, such as the Belgian Grand Prix of 1987, when after a touch of cars took the two drivers of the race, he went to the pits where they had a misunderstanding Which ended up in some punches.

But they made their peace and played the most unforgettable moment between the two, at the 1991 GP in England, when Mansell gave a ride to Senna. The Brazilian’s car ran out of fuel, and to return to the pits, Senna took a ride with Mansell.

Mansell currently lives in Jersey with his wife and children.

A space that tells everything about the maritime navigation and its elements, through reports of Jersey people.

Visitors learn about the culture of the beach and the seaside entertainments, Jersey seafood and can view the historic boats Fiona, Howard D, Florence and Jessie, floating in the Navy.

‘Absorb yourself in interactive exhibits, understand the tides and learn how to design and float a ship. Immerse yourself in songs and stories of the sea, and investigate the Island’s myths and legends. The Maritime Museum brings alive Jersey’s maritime past.’

For those who prefer the attractions of a rather ‘older’ construction, in addition to the sites we mention in the edition of the island’s military heritage there is Elizabeth Castle.

Built in the sixteenth century, this fortress built high on the rocks, has defended Jersey for 300 years and today attracts many tourists.

There are the old rooms, walkways, bunkers to explore, a beautiful view, and live history demonstrations with live cannon shots.

And those are just a few of the many options that Jersey, the island of Henry Cavill, offers.

Follow the Portal Henry Cavill – Meet the Jersey and learn all about Henry Cavill‘s homeland.

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