MEET JERSEY | Jersey: Fulling the Eyes of Unforgettable Landscapes


Jersey is a charming island, a bailiwick in the English Channel, which together with Guernsey, form the Channel Islands (a dependency of the British Crown that is not part of the UK). It was there that the actor Henry Cavill was born, but not all people who know the attractions of their homeland. Most of Henry’s family lives there and it whenever he can, makes a stop to review the relatives and friends on the island, which has incredible places and attractions to suit all tastes.

We selected some of these points (tourist or not so well known), so you have an idea of what Jersey has to offer. The city has besides the beaches, the forts and historic castles, the square of liberation, museums, markets and the center of St Helier, with its welcoming architecture.


Forts, castles and historic buildings:

Architecture and shopping center:

Travel agents recommend at minimum three days to see the island. You can take the tour by car, bike or using the local public transport (bus). Establishments open and close early and the people are very helpful to tourists. All who had the opportunity to visit Jersey, ensure that want to return.

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