MEET JERSEY | Music to brighten Jersey in the Folklore Festival


Jersey’s Folklore Festival, the island is birthplace of the actor Henry Cavill, is a music festival which has two distinct stages and this year took place on Sunday , June 12 .

The event address is the natural amphitheater of Val De La Mare, has as its background the Bay of St. Quen and up to five thousand people. The attractions of the principal stage was: Levellers, The Charlatans, Dubioza Kolektiv, Slamboree, The Showhawk Duo, Prince Fatty Soundsystem, Molotov Jukebox and Buffalo Huddlestone.

The attractions are divided between the Main stage, the Island Stage, the  Hospitality Stage and the new Village Disco Stage, which included the presentation of comedians , and several musicians from Jersey and neighboring islands. In addition to space for the family with various workshops and activities. They attended this edition also: The Little Big Band, The Pirates, JC & The Loony Tunes Band, The Smooth Hounds, Western Promises, Howl, Joe Young & The Bandits, DJ Nelson, Warren Le Sueur, Biko, Mo’Matic (DJ Set), The Midnight Expresso, Robert J Hunter, Jay Von Cassidy, Lucas Pafitis, Monty Taft, Keenan, Rosie Barret, among other attractions.

The festival did not camping accommodation but participants who came from outside the island, divided between the hotel chain Jersey , pensions and even the hostel of Durrell Wildlife Park.

Tickets ranged from the value of ₤ 25 to ₤ 95. According to the organizers of the event, “Relaxed and intimate , Folklore is the most warm and friendly celebration of the creative arts in Jersey this summer”.

With recognition for local artists some of the most anticipated attractions were the bands: Levellers – coming from the British Isles the band mixing punk and English folk traditional influences.

The best-known hits are “What a Beautiful Day”, “Carry Me” and “The Boatmen”. Formed by vocalist and guitarist Mark Chadwick , bassist Jeremy Cunningham and drummer Charlie Heather , his name is inspired by a radical democratic movement of the seventeenth century in England .

The Charlatans – formed in 1989 , mixes rock , psychedelia , soul and R & B , created classic indie known in recent years like: “The Only One I Know”, “Weirdo”, “One To Another” and  “Just When You’re Thinking Things Over”. Their debut album was released in 1990 and from there to here made eleven atudio albums.

CHECK OUT some of the official pics from yesterday’s event.

These and other events show that the island has festivals and attractions for every tastes and doesn’t t stop there, the next music festival of the year on the island , will be the Jersey Live 2016 on September 3rd and 4th, see details here.

For everything that happens in Jersey Island, the land of Henry Cavill , follow our Meet Jersey, with special materials all Mondays.

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