MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE | Rebecca Fergunson is excited to work with Henry Cavill at #MI6

Remeber with Portal when the actress Rebecca Fergunson Said she was happy to work with the newest member of Mission Impossible franchise: Henry Cavill

The swedish actress Rebecca Fergunson, debut in Mission Impossible franchise in 2015 as Ilsa Faust
In the film, Ilsa Faust is a allie of Ethan Hunt (Cruise) agains Sindicate.

Rebecca commented abou return to the frachise as Ilsa, few days before the beginning oh shooting at April,2017: “I miss her. She is such a amazing, strong, independent ans vulnerable human being… I also miss the risk sequences. It’s lovely get in a project without know what great scenes I’ll have to do. They don’t present all at once so you can prepare yourself. There is the martial arts training, then you learn the technique and only after your moves”.

In the same interwiew the actress Said she was excited to shoot in New Zeland and Paris.

Currently Tom Cruise is reshooting some scenes, after injuring his ancle during some stunt last August.

Last location we’ve seen cast moviment was London, but Henry was not in the set. So we have no confirmation if he still have remains scenes

We’re anxious to see the result of this work. Will it Rebeca an Henry have many scenes together?

Mission Impossible 6 arrives on cinemas July, 27.



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