Nomis will be distributed by Saban Films in the USA


The Nomis screening at the closing of the L.A Film Festival – Sept. 28 – secured warm applause and much praise for the film starring Henry Cavill, Ben Kingsley, Alexandra Daddario and directed by David Raymond.

Bill Bromiley and Jonathan Saba – from Saban Films – have got the rights to the film in the United States.

Bill Bromiley said:
“This is a beautifully crafted tension-filled thriller with a cast that, undeniably, our audiences will love. ‘Nomis’ is a fun and entertaining ride and we’re very excited to be onboard”

Information like on distribution in other locations, such as Brazil, has not yet been released, and details such as the debut date of the film.

In Nomis, Henry Cavill (Sheriff Marshall) hunts a predator following an American police force who finally manages to fool an online predator, only to be shocked to learn that his crimes go far beyond anything they initially expected.

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