OMAZE | New interview with Omaze winner Christina Boyd who met Henry Cavill in London


We talked again with Christiana Boyd, winner ig Omaze/Royal Marine’s promotion. In this second interview, Christiana share with us ver trip to London and her meet with Henry Cavill.

How long did you have to pack from the announcement to the travel day?

Christina Boyd: I had received a confirmed date of the travel to London a couple weeks in advance but I did not start packing until the day of my departure.

Did you know London already or was it your first time there?

CB: I am an historical fiction editor, concentration in the Jane Austen-inspired romance genre, therefore my thoughts and research are much in Regency England. However, it was my first trip to England.

Did you go straight to the London Eye or another place first?

CB: We arrived mid-day on May 14 and after we checked-in to our hotel, my husband and I went on a walking tour along the Thames as we were not schedul ed to meet Henry Cavill until the next day.

From the places you visited in London, which is your favorite?

CB: I enjoyed sightseeing along the waterfront and strolling through the many lovely parks and gardens, seeing Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, and even Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. But of course, my favorite and most memorable experience was the London Eye with Henry.

How was the meet with Henry Cavill? Was Kal there too?

CB: Kal was not there. But I did meet his brother Charlie and his friend Ben. Henry was as beautiful inside as he is on the surface. He was kind and generous with his time. And he gave me two kisses (on my cheek)! I can’t wait to see the photos too because I feel like I imagined the whole thing.

Your husband went with you on this trip. How did he feel about this experience and meeting Henry Cavill?

CB: He too has been looking forward to the trip as well as it has been quite some time since we have gone on a trip without our kids. He thought Henry Cavill was a genuinely nice guy. My husband said it would have been fun to go out for beers afterwards with Henry–as if he and his friends were people we would be friends with in our real life. It was a great experience for us both!

Omaze’s Campaign was to benefit the Royal Marines Charity Fund. Did you and Henry talk about this cause?

CB: I thanked him for using his celebrity for good.

Did you received many fans’ messages of Henry Cavill all around the world?

CB: Yes, many people have contacted me ever since they learned I would be meeting Henry. Most people just want to congratulate me or to tell Henry of their adoration. Most people are very respectful.

Henry and Christina at London Eye. Photo by Omaze.

Did you comment to Henry Cavill about this huge care for him? How did he react?

CB: Yes, I did tell Henry about the outpouring of love for him. And how the ladies of Brasil are particularly passionate about him. He smiled.

Did you give him some gift?

CB: My daughter made Kal a black and white paracord lead and I made a glass plate for Henry with the Justice League logo but used HC (his initials) instead. He seemed to like both very much. I also gave him my newly released book, “The Darcy Monolo gues,” as several of the stories were inspired by Henry. (I always imagine Henry as Mr. Darcy.) He said he would read it. That makes me happy to imagine him maybe reading the short stories in between takes for “Mission Impossible 6.”

Henry and Christina Boyd in London. Photo by Christina.

What is the unforgettable moment in that trip?

CB: When he kissed my cheek. And when I kissed his. And when we drank out of each other’s champagne glasses by mistake. That makes me laugh to think about!

Do you have anything to tell to fans who dream about meeting Henry Cavill?

CB: He is as considerate and friendly as you imagine. He has a terrific sense of humor. He says he hopes to get married and have kids while he is still a young man. And that he can tell when people are genuinely interested in him or just his star stat us. The girl that he eventually settles down with will be fortunate indeed to have the affections of such a man.

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Thank you Christina for talking to us and being so kind!

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