Portal 3 Years: An Open Letter to Henry Cavill

Portal Henry Cavill celebrates one more anniversary and this date only reinforces our admiration and respect for him, our inspiration: Henry Cavill .

In addiction of the recognition of his talent and professionalism, PHCBR supports Henry specially because his dedication to social causes.

Henry Cavill has shown in his trajectory he is a hardworking, humble, kind and funny man who respect his family, his origins, his fans.

We’ve noted many times his action – specially the philanthropic’s ones – doesn’t have the deserved divulgation and that’s became Portal’s compromise: to value and to share Henry’s work and dedication.

We learned that Henry has a great character and he showed us that in so many ways: been a very down to earth person, his preference for using his own image to contribute with causes that he believes and which are able to help lots of people.

That said, along with the celebration of one more year of this project, we feel grateful for the learning we had in this path and the possibility to share it with our public.

Portal is only in the beginning, we still have a lot to learn and evolve, but with everybody’s participation, and inspired by Henry, we are sure our path will continuing being gratifying.

Because Henry taught us when we have a goal, we have to fight for it not forgetting who we are, where we came from and the important people who walk with us.

Thank you Henry Cavill for unite us, strengthen us and inspire #Team PHCBR every day. Always count with us!