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The world of heroes is even stuffed of references, tributes and in movies, the famous Easter Eggs.

The Action Comic 1, of 1938 – wich launched Superman, and has since transformed that heroe into a pop culture simbol – is an example who always is remembered in others works. Be in HQs, TV series, or the big film produtions.

In Batman vs Superman movie, wich has Henry Cavill as the Man of Stell, the cover picture appeared as Easter Egg in one of scenes.

And now in new Superman phase on DC HQs, it’s not different.

In Action Comic 1, Butch Matson tried kidnap Louis Lane after a meeting she had with Clark Kent. The Superman didn’t forgiven and destroyed the Butch’s car and then trapped him in a post. After that, we don’t know what happened to Butch. How did he get off the post? He was arrested?

In 1000th edition, celebrating the hero’s 80th birthday, a sequence of the episode was shown.

Butch managed get off the poste and retrieve his car. He takes the vehicle to mechanic who say it’s not worth reforming.

At exit of workshop, Superman is wating for Butch and discovers he has had a hard life and tries fix his one. Butch may be considered the hero’s first “enemy”, but it has also served to pave the Superman’s ideals in pursuit for justice and right path.

The lastest issues of new Superman magazine, (the mumber 6 was released in late of December in USA), bring more references to famous car of historic cover.

Written by Brian Bendis, drawings by Brazilian Ivan Reis and colors by weight team Joe Prado, Oclair Alberto and Alex Sinclair, the edition mumber 4 brigs a moment of Superboy reviving the scene of car.

And in Superman #6 inclusive, the story show the car was preserved by a misterious woman who, ir seems, will be the new enemy of heroe. The car appear to demonstrate, according to the vilain, how Superman can save lives and also destroy them.

We’ve already seen some comic book references, being understand on theaters by Henry Cavill, we would not be a bit upset if the Studios would soon made a sequence to Man of Stell, full of others Easter Eggs.

We just have to hope that Henry Cavill soon returns as Superman to continue taking the legacy of the HQs to the big screens.
Gif Clark Kent

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Sources: Legião dos Heróis, Uol, Oclair Alberto

Review: Nalva de Moraes
Image Editing: Bruna Oliveira
Redaction: Fabiana Franzosi
English Version: Cleiton Carvalhal
Portal Henry Cavill ©

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