Royal Marines to recreate the Commando Assault Course


The Commado Spirit of the Royal Marines, which has British actor Henry Cavill as ambassador of his Charity Fund, is campaigning to raise funds and rebuild the Assault Course (obstacles) of the corporation.
The Commando emerged in the 1940s, in the region Achnacarry Castle, in the Scottish Highlands. Since then, the region is the training center of the Marines who crave green beret (symbol of the formation of the Royal Marines -RM) .
The course is complex and challenging.  Known as YOMP ( Your Own Marching Pace), consists in a challenge ranging: from a legendary walk through the impressive Scottish Highlands, around the Achnacarry Castle (a path considered for few) to a helicopter crash simulation with rescue at sea (Dunker).
To earn the right to wear their green beret, the Commandos undertake some of the toughest and most arduous physical and psychological training of any fighting force and show true Commando Spirit qualities like courage, determination, unselfishness and cheerfulness in the face of adversity.
In 2013 the Commando opened this challenge for civilian, military companies and other corporations who wanted to test their limits and overcome the physical and psychological challenges of the evidence, and contribute to a worthy cause.
All the way is accompanied by the Royal Marines (R) , who provide support and encourage the participants sharing their personal experiences.
In 2016, the first event starts on June 18 and the second stage will begin on 10 and 11 September. The goal is to recreate the first full Commando Assault Course of the world, with evidence of alternations of rope bridges, abyssal, racing in the mud, Dunker, among other activities.
The enrollment figures in YOMP revert to the Charity Fund that supports the RM when they are selected for operations, when they are injured in combat or when they are recovering from the stress of the battlefield. The fund continues to support them when they leave the corporation and also provides assistance to the families of those who lost their lives in service.
In addition, the donations make possible the realization of Total Commando, the first World Commando Festival, where participants and their families will live experiences of the original Commando and current.
The goal of the fundraising campaign Commando is £ 10,000 and anyone can participate with donations from £ 5. Commando released an statement that if they reach £ 2,500 until 4 January 2016 – the last day to donate – a supporter will match the fund in 50 % of the target. But until now, the amount collected is £ 2,149.
Some personalized gifts were created to encourage donations including: mugs, squeezes and T-shirts. Another way to help is touting the campaign so that the target can be achieved as soon as possible.
Registration data for the next challenge have not been released, but follow our media to know all the information about the campaign’s Charity Fund, the challenge YOMP and the new course Commando Royal Marines hurdles.
The Portal Henry Cavill BR supports this cause, you can also participate.

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