Rumor indicates Netflix can approve more seasons for The Witcher.

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It seems that Netflix is very happy with the material of The Witcher – serie that has Henry Cavill as the wizard Geralt of Rivia – and can gives green light for produce of more seasons.
The rumor came about through a publication of KC Walsh, of Geeks WorldWide – which have a history a reliable informations – in wich reveals the satisfaction of streaming corporation with the production.

At first, what is confirmed is the first season and will have eight episodes, but there is not confirmed day of premiere (that much happen at some moment of 2019).

Henry Cavill is in Hungary filmimg the episodes of serie, which are inspired on books of saga The Witcher, written by Andrej Sapkowski.

We are looking forward for news. And you, liked of possibility to see the white wolf (Geralt), for more seasons?

Tell us what you guess and keep following our page Kingdom of Rivia, for hnow all about The Witcher.

Review: Nalva de Moraes
Image Editing: Bruna Oliveira
Redaction Fabiana Franzosi
English Version: Cleiton Carvalhal
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