Stratton, the friendship link between Henry and Duncan

Many sites are publishing today a statement that Duncan Falconer about the discontinuance of Henry Cavill filming Stratton..
We find very relevant the words of Duncan and reproduced them here:
“In order to dispel certain misguided criticisms, I’d like to be clear that Henry and I are still good friends and we do communicate. He has always been, and remains, one of the most upstanding and correct individuals I have met in civvy street, and he is certainly a rare treat in the film business I can tell you. His integrity runs very deep indeed. In my opinion, he has been faultless in this project and an utter pleasure to work with.”


Duncan also said:
“The project hit a serious bump in the road,” Duncan reveals. “I cannot even hint at the reasons, which I am sure you can understand. It’s my firm belief that ‘Stratton’ is not over. There are just a few prickly hedges to cut down.”

So dear Henry´s fans, we will continue cheering, for surely it will be a pleasure to see this movie, fruit of labor of these two men as committed to integrity. Would not it be just some story, but a great movie.

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