SUPERMAN | Variety reinforces lack of advances for a new Superman movie

Variety published on the last Monday, 15, a story talking about the dates of the upcoming films confirmed by Warner Bros, for the DC’s heroes.

In the text, the site said: “Following the disappointment with the ‘Justice League’ box office, Warner Bros rethinks the approach to making films based on 128 characters. The studio is not advancing with the Batman and Superman movies, which star Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, respectively. It is hoped to relaunch the Knight (Batman) with a different actor. The studio will feature several superhero adventures in the coming months and years.

The above information has not been confirmed by Warner Bros. nor by Henry Cavill and his team.

After that, the text comments on Warner’s confirmed films: Aquaman (with debut in December of this year), Shazam and the sequel to Wonder Woman (in 2019).

With no set debut date, the studio also prepares a new Suicidal Squad, the Joker’s movie – with Joaquin Phoenix – and the start of the production of the Flash solo film with Ezra Miller, only in late 2019.

Remembering that last month rumors surfaced that Henry would not remain in the Superman franchise and the Hollywood Reporter website released a statement from Warner that “Although no decision has been made regarding the upcoming Superman films, we have always had great respect and a great relationship with Henry Cavill and that remains unchanged.”

All we have to do is wait for more information, and hope it’s just rumors.

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