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Translation of Henry Cavill interview to Corriere Della Sera

“What we visited last January in Budapest is a great international scene. Soon the show will be available in 190 countries and there is no doubt that in addition to the avid fans of The Witcher there will be so many newcomers whose configurations and narrative layout will still have to be accessible.

“We will have a large international audience divided between curious and passionate,” explains production designer Andrew Laws. . “It is our intention to live up to expectations, to bring those who already know history into a familiar environment, but at the same time to surprise, to generate unpredictability while remaining within the medieval boundaries of what exists in the original material.” Let’s talk about a story that does not reflect history, but it seems history.

We don’t want to exclude those who haven’t read the novels, nor do we want the continent to resemble what has been seen in other productions. “In fact, however, Witcher is a potential colossal fantasy signed by Netflix the day after the conclusion of Game of Thrones. and at the beginning of a “new” Lord of the Rings. “These productions are part of a ladder to climb: they also created a great burden for us, in a sense; they have become accustomed to the construction of massive, nonexistent universes that we can impress upon while creating wonders. “Moreover, from the” reduction “(this is Hissrich’s word) of Sapkowski’s novels and tales, we really know nothing; and It is possible that in addition to the fascinating construction of the continent, this will be the true testing ground of a series designed for a demanding audience. Leaving the set, the clear impression remains of Cavill’s good dramaturgical work, genuinely invested in the play and almost the “first fan”; but also with the feeling – perhaps wrong – of this first season of Witcher as a test. If it works, that is, if it will not only be much seen but also much appreciated, it is possible that we will see Geralt de Rivia’s television narrative flourish further into a fantastic and memorable new epic. This could happen over the years, yes, not immediately. Or it could conquer at first sight. In the end, what really matters – and Netflix is aware of it – is not the truth, but the authenticity of a narrative that will poison or enhance the viewing experience. Just like the wizard’s potions.”

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